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Spiritual Healing

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Spiritual Healing is an umbrella term for a number of treatment styles. The commonalities amongst the various treatment methods are that they are therapeutic or healing in a natural way without the use of medicine. The benefits can be emotional, mental or physical and use Energy in their methodologies.

Spiritual Healing uses universal energies and Spiritual Healers act as messengers or interpreters of this energy. Once they understand the needs of the individual they are able to channel the energies required and deliver it to the individual.

Spiritual Healers are often able to give their clients insights and advice into situations by channeling the individuals Spirit Guides, commonly referred to as Angels.

Spiritual Healing is a practice which can be complementary to other healing processes. The stress and tension created through persistent or chronic illness can be greatly alleviated and relieved through Spiritual Healing techniques. As the individual feels empowered to take control of their own health and to promote the body's innate healing processes.

During a consultation, individuals can be seated or lie down on a massage table. It is a typically a non-invasive healing process which may include light touching. People who benefit from Spiritual Healing are openly inclined towards exploring alternative, complementary forms of healing.

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