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Cupping is a practice which falls under the umbrella of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The practice is a therapy which uses cups to apply pressure and pull on the skin and muscles, over specific acupressure points.

The points focused on during cupping are based on the points and patterns of energy which are believed to flow through the body. It is often used complementary to other treatments such as acupuncture or shiatsu massage. Cupping is used to free the flow of energy through the body, stimulating the organs and parts of the body which are not functioning at their optimal levels. On a physiological level, the cupping process stimulates blood circulation through the body which is beneficial to tissue repair.

During a session, the trained practitioner will traditionally use glass cups which are attached to a small pump that sucks out the trapped air, depressurising the area and creating suction over the skin. Oils are also used in cupping, to help ease the movement of the cups over the skin with minimal disturbance to the individual. The oils used during cupping are natural oils, concentrated herb extracts which have powerful medicinal properties. Some expected bruising may occur around the rim of the cup.

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