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Generally, referring to Yoga is a reference to hatha yoga. It is considered the umbrella category of yoga as many of the other yogas are derivatives of hatha yoga.

Through movement or poses, breathing techniques and meditation, hatha yoga aims to create a balance and synergy between the mind and body. Regular practice, Hatha yoga can open the energy channels, unlock physical potential, increase flexibility, improve strength and help facilitate relaxation during stressful periods.

Some poses in Hatha yoga have a direct impact on the internal organs, massaging them in a way which helps prevent disease and bring balance to our internal functioning.

Hatha yoga is a complimentary practice for meditation for its ability to condition the body and relax the mind. Certain poses in yoga are the precursors for a session of meditation and your actual sitting posture during meditation can greatly impact your mediation experience.

Breathing techniques used during yoga sessions can be taken away into everyday life which helps keep the body regulated and the flow of energy vital.

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