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Breathwork is a tool which helps the individual release and let go of negative feelings and experiences which have been built up inside with the goal of returning to a more positive state of being.

The Breathwork term encompasses a range of techniques which focus on breathing. The individual will learn how to use breathing as a tool to releasing negative energy which will return a feeling of relief, relaxation and a feeling of renewed empowerment. It is a safe and gentle practice which can have profound physiological and spiritual benefits.

There are a variety of different and specific techniques used in Breathwork which all serve different purposes and produce different outcomes. Breathwork is also incorporated into other practices such as yoga and tai chi.

Breathwork is delivered by a trained practitioner and can be undertaken both privately and in group sessions. A session can go for 80 minutes, with an initial discussion about the things you are looking to work on or change. Following this will be approximate 50 minutes of breathing exercises. It is recommended to have between five and ten sessions to solidify practice, after which time you have the tools to practice on your own.

The effects of Breathwork are feelings of balance, self-confidence, energy and mental, emotional, spiritual and physical synergy.

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