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Massage - Holistic

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Holistic Massage is a Massage which aims to treat the cause of problems, not just their manifestations in tension and body stress.

Holistic massage, is a system of massage which believes in treating all aspects of an individual, according to their individual needs. It incorporates psychology, nutrition and environment in the treatment process, helping the individual to restore the organic balance in their lives.

Holistic massage incorporates calm music, essential oils, deep relaxation techniques as well as movement and touch within the massage to help treat the individual.

In an initial consultation, the holistic massage therapist will ask you about relevant family, medical and lifestyle history to help tailor their treatment to you. Practitioners will often devise a treatment plan which may involve completing a number of sessions, the number of which depends on the individual.

Massages last for one hour and is performed on the entire body, if there are particular areas of concern, these may be concentrated on longer than other areas. Practitioner’s may ‘prescribe’ some extra activities such as yoga or stretching, to perform between sessions to help move progress.

The encompassing approach behind holistic massage can help individuals achieve significant improvement through their body. The variety of options offered outside of treatment such as nutrition or stretching can help empower the individual to maximise their approach to both treatment and preventative health boosts.

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