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Yoga - Ashtanga

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Ashtanga yoga is characterised as an athletic form of yoga which focuses on poses and the breath to improve mind and body. The aerobic nature of Ashtanga yoga is excellent for the body’s cardiovascular system.

Ashtanga yoga focuses on “Asana” which is one of the eight elements of yoga which all have different focuses and meanings. Asana means posture, so Ashtanga yoga has a focus on posture.

Asanas in yoga practice refers to the different poses the student will hold during a practice. The movements are well-defined in yoga practice and can be very challenging. They are designed to lift the temperature of the body as you move through them, building up a sweat which is considered a purification element of the practice. Through sweating it is believed that toxins and impurities are being removed from the body which allows the body to be pure and self-healing.

There are many variations which can be called on each pose. These can vary in levels of difficulty and it is important to work to your level and practice in an environment where you are guided by your teacher in a safe way and at the right level.

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