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Time Line Therapy®

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Time line therapy is a process of deconstructing our experiences to cultivate understanding of how our decisions can affect change; identifying how negativity can limit the scope of potential and meaning in our lives.

Your individual time line refers to the way the unconscious mind stores memories and emotions. Emotions, positive and negative, are catalogued, organised and maintained by the unconscious mind in a process which, if suppressed can manifest in conscious negativity or conflict in everyday life. These processes, unaddressed can become a pattern or habit that have the potential to negatively manifest our behaviour in everyday life.

By engaging in Time line therapy, the individual is able to identify these memories and change the way in which the past limits us in the way we behave in the present.

The techniques in Time line therapy help the individual take control over the negative reactions that can be limiting or destructive in our present day life. Emotional reactions can trigger unconstructive responses to situations which can limit the potential for positive or constructive outcomes to situations.

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