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Kinesiology is a healing technique which improves the balance of an individual and provides boosts towards general wellbeing and health. Through gentle muscle testing techniques, practitioners can make assessments and apply a tailored program for healing to the individual.

Kinesiologists use a muscle testing technique which reveal insights about the body’s overall state. The practice looks at all aspects of the individual and the flows of energy around the body. The technique reveals insights to the practitioner as they measure the nervous systems functioning between the muscles and the brain and body. The tension in the muscles reveals the pathways of blocked energy which need to have healing attention. When they have found the areas which need to be treated, there are techniques which are used to stimulate the body into its self-healing modality.

During treatment, patients are comfortable and fully clothed. It is a non-invasive treatment which has no associated pain and sessions usually run for about 30 minutes. Repeated sessions are recommended.

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