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Art Therapy

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Art therapy utilises art as a form of communication. It is a branch of psychotherapy that is used to help individuals express themselves in a safe environment where the art they produce is expected to help reveal insights that will contribute to the individuals treatment..

Art therapy is not exclusive for people with experience in art or prior exposure. Art is simply a vehicle for creating a safe environment that an individual will feel comfortable to express themselves in and reveal insights which might otherwise be hidden.

Art therapy is delivered by qualified and registered art therapists who have been trained to work with individuals of all ages. The art form can be painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and other techniques which compliment the individual’s preference. Art Therapy can provide significant non-verbal insights into a person’s thoughts which can help a qualified professional have a better understanding into an individual, their needs and helps to determine a best course of action for treatment.

When choosing an art therapist, you must ensure that they are a registered practitioner with the Health Professions Council which is the governing body for Art Therapists. This ensures that when you do choose an individual to work with, you know they have undertaken training on a tertiary level and are properly qualified to treat individuals as Art Therapists.

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