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The Feldenkrais Method or treatment is used to improve the way we move and function. Focusing on posture, flexibility and coordination, the method helps to ease muscle tension. The technique is subtle, using gentle movements and focused attention to improve and refine the way our body functions daily.

The Feldenkrais method has been developed from a collective understanding of the principles of physics, biomechanics and human development. The practice is accessible to individuals of all ages who wish to move more easily with increased flexibility, coordination and grace.

Individuals who have conditions which affect the central nervous system can be relieved from restricted movements and body tension build up by using the Feldenkrais Method.

Treatment can be offered in group classes and private lessons. Group classes usually last 60 minutes and can differ in complexity to cater to the different individual levels and limits, guided through the movements safely and without strain. One-on-one lessons provide a tailored program for the individuals needs. It is a non-invasive treatment which uses gentle movements for individual treatment.

Through a program of movements and realignment, students of the Feldenkrais method learn to reorganise and realign their body to operate at an optimal level of mobility, thereby relieving the body of stress and tension and increasing a feeling of confidence and grace within the individual.

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