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Allergy Testing / Treatments

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Allergy Tests are used to diagnose specific allergies in individuals and determine best course of treatment.

Allergens are the triggers that cause allergic reactions in individuals. Any substance can cause an allergic reaction, whether ingested or simply for coming into contact with the skin. There are a wide range of symptoms for allergic reactions and these can be relatively minor or in the case of anaphylaxis, potentially life threatening.

Allergy testing is conducted by medical Doctors and there are a range of Allergy Tests available. Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Kinesiologists, Herbalists and Nutritionists may also incorporate Allergy Testing into their practice and diagnoses of an individual.

Not all tests are recognised by conventional medical professionals. The deliberate triggering of allergic responses can be a dangerous practice and care should be taken when exposing allergens as there may be the risk of an anaphylactic reaction.

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