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Iyengar Yoga uses specific devices or props when performing poses. The props used in Iyengar yoga encourage the individual to reach poses more easily and fully. For beginners of yoga, props can help bridge the gap to a full pose; they offer support and extensions so students can reach their full potential.

Iyengar yoga uses smooth, slow motion to transition between the sequences of poses and allows the individual to move through each pose thoroughly, providing the opportunity to achieve stability and awareness.

As the individual goes through the yoga poses, they concentrate on their breathing which in turn helps the body regulate itself into a meditative state. In this frame of mind, the individual is able to return their attention back into the body and get the most out of their practice.

During practice, teachers will focus on correct alignment and execution of the right technique in each pose. This is important to help maximise the benefits of Iyengar yoga which can have profound physiological and psychological benefit.

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