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BodyTalk is a health care system of holistic healing which addresses the whole story, the whole person and not just symptoms of an issue.

BodyTalk uses a number of different techniques to bring about healing for an individual. The technique used will depend on the personal assessment of the individual and their body responses to a number of assessments made by the practitioner.

The treatment techniques are non-invasive and can include things such as muscle testing or body tapping which are used to stimulate the bodies desire to heal itself, thereby revealing the best course of action moving forward.

A BodyTalk session will usually last for an hour but will depend on the requirements of the individual. The first step will be an evaluation of the individual's current health status, energy systems and body responses. A treatment plan will then be devised and a number of treatments may be required to fully restore the body to it’s full potential.

BodyTalk practitioners are certified and accredited practitioners so make sure you are seeing a qualified professional.

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