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Clinical Hypnotherapy is a branch of Psychotherapy which helps to address conscious and subconscious factors which may be causing stress or general issues in an individual’s life. Hypnotherapy uses traditional counselling techniques for the cognitive elements of an issue and subconscious healing principles for the underlying factors that contribute to issues in everyday life.

Hypnotherapy is not a mystical or airy fairy concept. In practice, a hypnotherapist will help guide the individual into a state of deep relaxation. From this point of deep relaxation it is believed that you can effect change, turning negative elements of your life into positive ones.

Hypnotherapy can help the individual to become aware of issues, beliefs or desires which are resting in sub-conscious states of mind. These moments of truth can help the individual better align the conscious and subconscious elements of themselves. This process can release feelings of conflict, tension, stress and anxiety to restore measures of calm, cohesion and positivity into everyday life.

Hypnotherapy is widely practiced to help change behaviours of addiction such as smoking, gambling. It is used to help treat fears and phobias and the general overall performance of an individual to help reach optimum levels.

The number of sessions required will vary according to the individual, the complexity and depth of the issues being worked on. There are formal qualifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy and it is recommended that you look into this prior to beginning your individual process.

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