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Alexander Technique

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The Alexander Technique helps restore the best practice for the mind and body to improve movement. The Alexander Technique helps identifies and corrects the bad-habits accumulated over time which inhibit the ability to move freely.

It is a simple and powerful technique which helps get rid of harmful tension in the body, restoring balance and coordination. The Alexander Technique is commonly taught in performance schools such as dance, acting, music and is even used for training in some Olympic sports.

During a session, the teacher will observe one’s posture and movement patterns visually and gently touch different areas for further assessment. It is a non-invasive technique and you may be required to perform some basic movements like walking, standing or sitting while the teacher’s hands are in contact with your body.

Sessions usually run between half an hour and forty-five minutes and the number of sessions required will depend on the individual. The Alexander Technique can be practiced during any activity to increase the body’s movement efficiency.

The technique for body movement can be learnt relatively quickly, however the refinement of and maximum gain from the technique is one which can be developed over years of regular practice.

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