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Body Harmony is a philosophy which is expressed through a number of different body practices. In it’s philosophy, body harmony addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements in an individual.

Body Harmony seeks to focus on the body responses of the individual, a process whereby the practitioner listens to and follows the responses as guided by the body.

Body Harmony practitioners use a combination of observation and touch to receive the messages of the body which explain the level, type and style of healing required.

A consultation will usually involve an observation and analysis of the clients body, both in motion and stationary as a starting point from which to begin the process of achieving goals.

Body Harmony is a practice which will help the body release built up tension, stress and aches which are the physical build up stores of stress and trauma as triggered through emotional reactions to situations. Relieving the body of these build ups will help restore the body to it’s optimal function, posture and wellness.

This process is used to promote healing and to provide a deep sense of relaxation whilst cultivating a culture of wellbeing, clarity and awareness in the individual.

A consultation can last between one to one and a half hours during which time the practitioner observes and interprets the unique signals and language of the body. This assessment will give way to actual treatment which is non-invasive, the individual remains fully-clothed and often is lying down.

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