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Psychotherapy is a treatment method which is used in treating mental health issues. Psychotherapists work with individuals to analyse problems and reveal the roots of the issue at hand.

By listening, analysing, deciphering the words of an individual, a psychotherapist will use their training to help individuals identify with specific behaviour patterns which have become negative and are potentially limiting the person from making progress in their lives. Psychotherapists are able to prescribe medications however talking through things is the main way in which psychotherapists treat patients.

Psychotherapists are qualified to work across a wide range of mental health issues, however some may have specialties working in specific areas of mental health, such as dealing extensively with Psychosis or Schizophrenia.

The number of sessions used in Psychotherapy vary from individual to individual however a minimum of around 20 sessions is usually required to make effective headway into solving the problems of an individual to their conclusion .Individual’s should always feel comfortable with their therapist, feeling a relationship of trust and connection through the entire process.

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