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Communicating With Spirit


Have you ever wondered if there is a way to communicate with spirit, to find out more information about your life and to find ways to make things better?  It may just be easier than you think.  Read on for more information.

Making Contact with Spirit

To communicate with a spirit, you need to make the first contact with them.  You need to give them permission to enter your life and begin to communicate with you.  If you do not give them that permission, the spirit cannot assist you directly. The best the spirit can do is to manipulate your environment in such a way that you ask for their help.  This has often been described by people as “the universe trying to tell them something”. 

Once you have made contact with spirit, they can immediately start to communicate with you.  The spirit knows what you need in your life for true happiness, and what you really desire, and they can communicate to you the things that you need to know in order to achieve this happiness and your goals.

How Spirit Communicates With You

Spirits can communicate with you in a number of ways. These include dreams, music, colour, coincidences, oracles, other people, automatic writing, animals, visions, or even plain words.  They will use whatever works for you.  As some examples of the previous, you may hear a certain song stuck in your head, have a dream that feels more significant than usual, or run into a complete stranger that tells you something that you really needed to hear.

Do We Need Faith to Communicate With Spirit?

To communicate with spirit, there does need to be a certain degree of faith and open-mindedness.  It does not need to be faith in a religious sense but more of a belief that it is possible.  You need to be open to things, to receiving a communication from “the other side”.  You also need to have faith that there is no danger in communication with spirit.  They are not going to harm you.  As well as this faith, you also need to not have expectations.

Step by Step Guide to Communicating with Spirit

Here is a simple step by step guide as to one way that you can communicate with spirit.  There are other ways, either assisted or unassisted, but this is easy and should work for you.

• Invite spirit to enter your life
• Close your eyes, and use deep breathing in order to relax yourself
• Imagine yourself in a beautiful serene place, such as a garden, beach, forest, etc
• Make this place as detailed as possible in your mind – take notice of what you smell, touch, hear, and see
• Envision yourself sitting in this place
• Allow yourself to feel connected to the earth beneath your place
• Then, envision a path that leads from a distant mountain to your special place
• In your mind, see a golden light coming towards you
• Watch how the light starts to change into a clear and bright light as it is at the edge of your special place
• Invite it to enter
• Watch as the light transforms into spirit
• Allow yourself to believe that this is spirit – do not doubt yourself
• Pay attention to what you feel as you look at the spirit
• Ask the spirit any questions that you feel are necessary – such as why it is here, why has it chosen you etc
• Allow yourself to absorb the information that the spirit is giving you but don’t force any answers, they will come in time
• Bring the conversation to an end
• Thank the spirit for coming to you
• Watch as the spirit transforms back into light and moves away
• Ground yourself by imagining that you are growing roots deep into the ground
• Write down anything you have seen and felt in a journal or diary


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