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Association of Energy Therapists

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THE ASSOCIATION of ENERGY THERAPISTS aims to be a quality contact point for members of the public seeking treatment from well trained experienced practitioners in the rapidly emerging energy therapies.

Middlesex TW14 9LB
Phone020 8751 0417
Fax020 8751 0417

Welcome to the
Association of Energy Therapists

The Association seeks to encourage a collegial atmosphere in which our practitioners of different energy therapies learn from & enrich one another, in order to produce the highest quality of integrated Energy treatments for the public.

Energy Therapies have been helpful for many conditions.


Membership of the Association is open to well trained experienced practitioners in a comprehensive range of energy therapies, incorporating an energy element in their core methodology. These include Energy Field Therapy, Bio-Energy, Pranic Therapy, Bi-Aura Therapy, Matrix Therapy and Reiki.

Membership Categories

SCHOOLS whose training has been assessed as meeting the quality standards of the Association. This will be done by a visit to the school and by sitting in on classes.

PROFESSIONAL members who have completed a quality training. We suggest Professional members list the details of course(s) undertaken and the number of training hours undertaken.

STUDENT members in training who intend to eventually qualify for Professional Membership.

The Association is an expanding professional membership association seeking to promote an integrated understanding and high quality treatment availability of Energy Therapies in the UK.

Service Categories
Energy Healing, Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Theta Healing

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