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Massage - Remedial

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Remedial massage is a technique which is designed to massage the tendons with pressure suited to stimulate healing. Remedial massage has depth which traces back to the originality of the issue, thereby healing the problem and not just the tension.

Remedial Massage, locates and isolates injury or damage to muscles, then massages this points to trigger self-promoted healing within these areas. Massage is done directly on the skin, with oils which help smooth the massage over the body. The massage also combines some stretching techniques during the massage process.

Remedial Massage concentrates a flowing blood supply to the muscles, which help release toxins in the affected areas. The massage allows the relaxing and toning of the muscles around joint areas, helping to improve mobility. Massage sessions usually last between 30 minutes and one hour, depending on the needs of the individual and chosen treatment path by the practitioner. Individuals will be unclothed during the session.

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