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Practicing yoga during pregnancy is a fantastic way to keep fit and healthy, flexible and well stretched. The restorative effects of toning muscles, low-strain activity and breathing control can be extremely powerful for pregnant women.

Pregnancy and labour are very demanding on a womans body. Learning breathing techniques during yoga can teach and restore calm to an individual during labour, help focus through pain and physiologically contributes to the progress of the labour.

Practicing pregnancy yoga can help individuals feel empowered through their pregnancy, increase energy levels, improve strength, stability, posture and balance. Keeping a healthy body during pregnancy can have wonderful carry-on effects and help ease the stress of pregnancy and childbirth.

It is strongly recommended that pregnancy yoga be undertaken with guidance from a professional as there are many poses or movements which could be harmful to you or your child if performed or performed incorrectly. Always choose classes or a teacher who has qualifications in teaching yoga and look out for teachers who have specific training in pregnancy yoga. Always inform your teacher that you are pregnant when practicing.

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