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Naturopathy is a treatment technique which heals conditions of the mind and body. Naturopathy combines traditional sciences with the relevant complementary natural therapies and medicines.

Naturopathy channels the power of nature and the body’s natural healing energies to repair itself, recover itself from illness or distress.

Naturopaths help individuals to understand themselves, have greater self-awareness and a positive and healthy attitude in their daily life. Naturopaths develop an understanding of the individual in order to be able to treat the problems at their origin, not to simply heal or treat the symptoms. An education in naturopathy helps an individual to build a lifestyle which can be self-sustaining, positive, healthy and in a state of optimal well being.

Naturopathy uses a variety of non-invasive natural therapies, to assist in the healing process. Herbal Medicine, nutrition, diet and lifestyle and many other treatments are available to individuals in their treatment process.

An initial consultation with a Naturopath with be 1-2 hours, which is used to make an assessment of all the factors relevant to the individual’s current state. This will help the naturopath devise the most suitable and relevant treatment plan for the individual. People of all ages can all safely visit a naturopath.

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