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Thought Field Therapy

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Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a treatment which aims to correct or free any disturbances from our energy systems which are caused by negative or limiting emotions.

By tapping specific energy points in the body in a specific sequence according to the needs of the individual, the patient will feel a dramatic improvement in the way they feel towards the situation being treated and may no longer feel troubled by the disorder. This tapping process has features of a number of different other natural therapies.

TFT is useful to individuals who suffer from anxiety disorders, phobias, trauma, addiction and uncontrollable negative emotions such as anger.

A session of TFT negotiates a series of tapping and concentrated emotional thought. It is believed that the same thought, when returned to after a series of tapping, will lose it’s emotional element. Navigating these issues can be entirely non-verbal; the entire process can occur without any discussion of the specific issue. This can be highly appealing to individuals who find it embarrassing to open up verbally.

TFT practiced with a practitioner can yield extremely positive results for the individual with success rates recorded as high as 95%.

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