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Yoga is a holistic practice which promotes physical and mental health. Corporate environments can be stressful, where efficiency operates at maximum capacity, the days are long and the stakes are high. Many workers will find a tremendous personal benefit from having yoga in the workplace. Providing skills to manage stress effectively and an outlet for personal growth, corporate yoga will leave employees feeling more energetic, empowered and with an improved feeling of wellbeing which returns an increase in productivity and happiness amongst workers.

Corporate yoga programs are custom-designed to achieve the specific goals your company is seeking to address such as relaxation, fitness, health and well being, improved self-confidence or stress management.

Corporate yoga can be offered in many different formats including retreats, workshops, ongoing classes or seminars.

For class, employees will need loose, comfortable clothing and a large towel. Corporate yoga can be practiced by people of all ages and fitness levels, with no prior experience needed. Classes are run for an hour.

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