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Bowen Therapy

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The Bowen Technique uses subtle muscle and tissue therapies to stimulate parts of the body to heal itself. Through a variety of gentle ‘moves’ the practitioner stimulates the individuals energy flows.

The Bowen Technique is a holistic method which is used to provide relief from injury and health problems by prompting the bodies nervous system signals at specific sites around the body, thereby triggering a process of self-healing.

A session will generally last between 15 and 45 minutes where clients lay down on a massage table where the practitioner will perform a number of ‘moves’ to stimulate these processes. It is a non-invasive practice and individuals remain fully clothed the entire time.

Bowen Technique strives to find the origin of a problem and is therefore very effective for muscular-skeletal problems, including ankle, knee, lower back and neck pain.

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