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Massage - Infant

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Infant or Baby Massage sessions are generally run by therapists for parents. The purpose of these sessions are used to instruct and guide parents or caregivers proper techniques to use for massage on their own child.

Information and guidance can be important for parents as there are many things that feature in normal message but would not be appropriate for infants or babies. Certain massage oils, for example, can be too strong for the skin of a baby and cause rash or other strong reactions.

Infant massage itself can be a soothing technique to relax an infant, can help encourage longer and deeper sleep, non-verbal communications can develop strong and deep bonds between parents and the infant, can help ease digestion, gas build up and congestion for the child as well as producing endorphins which relieve stress and promote well being within the child.

Massage can be particularly valuable for father-child bonding time as it can become a ritual which helps father’s feel more included, especially once they return to work.

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