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Massage - Chinese

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Chinese Massage is a practice which falls under the umbrella of traditional Chinese medicine.

The central idea behind Chinese massage is the link between the physical body and the networks of energy and emotions. By focusing on acupoints, or energy spots around the body, Chinese massage therapists can manipulate and effect change to both the physical and energy platforms within the body. This practice can be closely related to herbal medicine, acupuncture and acupressure.

The massage techniques which are used can stimulate blood flow and energy flow, bring about deep relaxation which helps in flexibility and joint mobility. The treatment can be a powerful tool in pain relief.

Often performed on a couch or stool, the massage treatment can last up to two hours and is deeply relaxing for the individual. There are different types of Chinese massage, some where the individual can remain fully clothed and others where the individual will be partially unclothed.

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