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Natural Fertility Management

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Natural fertility management techniques can be used by couples who are looking to compliment and improve on the medical approaches to fertility. It concentrates on aligning both the mind and the body to become into the state of falling pregnant.

Natural Fertility Management can be used in addition to traditional medical techniques and performed at any stage of the journey including pre-conception and postnatal stages. This approach helps prime the body to be an optimal environment for the body to be able to fall pregnant. The focus is also on creating the right mental environment for your body to respond to, so that all the elements may be aligned and in sync towards falling pregnant.

Most practitioners will begin with an introductory session which allows both parties to get to know each other and become comfortable with each other. To initiate an open and honest dialogue where relevant medical, emotional and personal medical history can be acquired to help tailor the treatment plan. The practitioner may enquire about your diet, past medical history and mental state to help determine the best way forward to help achieving a health fertility.

There are many different avenues and tools which can be used to help assist in a program of natural fertility.

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