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Animal Therapy

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Natural therapies are not restricted to the treatment of humans. Animals can also receive a huge benefit from natural animal therapies.

Animal therapy is the treatment of animals using natural, alternative or complementary therapies. These therapies promote healing which is free from traditional and often toxic medications or surgeries. They are generally safer and more gentle on the body of the animal and can be used both preventatively and pro-actively for the welfare of your pet or animal.

The type of therapies that are available to animals are listed below:
  • Chiropractic - Chiropractic treatments will help put the bones and skeleton into proper alignment. This will free the joints, nerves, muscles and ligaments to perform as they are supposed to, improving overall health, movement and fitness.
  • Massage - This will help increase blood flow, relieve muscles for better movement and will also stimulate pathways along the body. Massage for animals will help healing processes, promote relaxation in the animal and improve overall wellbeing.
  • Muscle Stimulation - This practice will aid in muscle recovery. Small electrical impulses, which are not painful, will stimulate the muscles to improve damaged caused by injury or illness.
  • Homeopathy - In animals, homeopathy uses biological chemicals to treat a wide range of conditions. These biological chemicals are extremely diluted, are safe and will not cause harm.
  • Herbal Remedies - herbal medicines are ideal for treating a wide range of illnesses. They involve using specially prepared herbs in order to treat the animal’s symptoms without having to resort to traditional medication.
  • Healing Therapies - Healing therapies are helpful to the promotion of an animal’s mind, body and emotional state. Reiki uses a hands-off method to rebalance the energies through and around the body of your animal.
  • Nutritional Therapy - Nutritional therapy assesses the diet of your animal and makes necessary changes for overall well-being. This might include a raw diet, supplementing an existing diet.
  • Flower Essences - For the treatment of your animal’s emotional or behavioural problems, flower essences can help with all sorts of emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression or aggression.
  • Acupuncture - acupuncture uses fine needles inserted in specific points of the body in order to clear energy pathways which may be blocked. This restores the flow of energy through the body and can help stimulate blood flow to promote healing in your animal.

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