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The science of nutrition is working out how to optimise the way our bodies work through healthy attitudes and approaches to food, what we eat and working out exactly what we as individuals need to be healthy.

Nutritionists will assess, monitor and modify the current diet of an individual to tailor and adapt their eating habits and patterns to better suit their personal requirements. Diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, renal disease and gastrointestinal disease can be treated and improved with correct diet.

A nutritional consensus believes that each individual should consume a combination of six different types of food to function on a daily basis The quantities and amounts may vary from person to person and the right balance can have a significant impact on the health of an individual.

Moderation is one of the key messages in a healthy approach to nutrition. The idea is that too much of anything will be bad for you. This approach also means you don’t have to cut out all your favourite foods, you just may need to adjust the portion and quantities of unhealthier foods which may be negatively affecting your health. For example, foods which are high in saturated fats do not have a high nutritional to kilojoule ratio. Ideally you want to maximise the amount of quality nutritional value in every bite you’re taking.

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