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Association for Systematic Kinesiology

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The Association of Systematic Kinesiology (ASK) is the accrediting body for courses, schools and tutors.
ASK is a charity, raising the awareness of Systematic Kinesiology and the great value Systematic Kinesiology has in preventative health care, for reducing pain and stress and for improving mental and physical health and well-being.

AddressLeonards on Sea
Sussex TN37 7EN
Phone0845 020 0383
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Welcome to
Association for Systematic Kinesiology

The Association of Systematic Kinesiology (ASK) is a registered charity (No. 229306) and a company limited by guarantee registered company (No: 02235125)

The charity exists:
  1. To bring to the notice of the public the great value of Systematic Kinesiology, hereinafter referred to as SK.
  2. To provide professionally trained people in all branches of both orthodox and complementary health care, with the support of a professional organisation, which promotes high standards of ethics, training and practice among those who use SK.
  3. To maintain at the registered office a national register of professional practitioners so that members of the public may be assisted to find qualified help from reputable qualified Systematic Kinesiologists.

Professional membership to ASK provides the following:
  • Promotion of Kinesiology to the general public via the website, free leaflets and advertising.
  • Developing relationships with the media and other professional bodies.
  • Inclusion in the systematic kinesiology membership directory on the ASK website with area search facilities to find practitioners.
  • Your name is entered on to the ASK Professional Practitioner listings, which is the ASK office reference for telephone enquiries for professional practitioners.
  • Free advertising on the web by name and status. With your permission your contact details may be given out on the ASK website.
  • Free advertising of courses and links to personal websites.
  • Use of ASK registered trade mark logo on all promotional material to publicise your kinesiology practice and training courses.
  • Access to members forum within the ASK website –
  • Certificate of membership and professional status each year.
  • Qualifies you to use the title 'Cert. ASK or Dip ASK' dependent upon the qualification gained.
  • Excellent Professional liability insurance package via Balens. Increasingly, insurance companies will only insure practitioners who belong to a Professional body.
  • Help-line available from the ASK office. Access to a friendly, efficient and supportive administration office with an administrator who has years of professional experience in kinesiology practice, teaching, book keeping and administration.
  • ASK pays £100.00 a day to professional practitioners who *man* ASK stands at health shows.
  • Option to advertise your practice by leaving your business cards at our health show stand.
  • Newsletter 3 x a year. Newsletters and updates within the changing world of complementary medicine and on any matters that may affect your practice.
  • Subsidised ASK and professional day following ASK day.

It has proved very difficult for professional members to work within the NHS and therefore benefit from the grant offered by ASK. The trustees have decided to change the grant proviso so as to enable more of the professional membership to spread the word about systematic kinesiology. The trustees propose:
  1. That the grant be available for all practicing Professional members, to be paid for by ASK, and is a unique opportunity for professional members to increase their client base.
  2. ASK are inviting professional members to apply for a grant, payable conditionally, when the member gives a talk and demonstration to the public about Systematic Kinesiology.
  3. The grant will be available on a monthly, first come, first served basis
  4. Number of payments limited to 4 individual professional members per month
  5. Details of the meeting and promotion of the talk to be sent to the ASK office.
  6. Grant payable is £50.00 for 10 - 20 attendees
  7. 20 plus attendees £70.00
  8. Signatories of attendees required
  9. Free ASK leaflets
  10. Template for talk is available

Benefit to the member:
  • Speaking to groups has proved to be the ideal opportunity to increase the client base of practitioners.
  • The talk would contribute towards the professional member's annual CPD requirement
  • The trustees reserve the right to withdraw this grant of a speaker's fee without notice
  • ASK promotional leaflets are free to professional members.
  • Posters are available from the ASK office for your promotional literature, free of charge.
  • Support you in dealing with any complaint from the public – although this is increasingly common in the current climate of litigation, no member of ASK has ever had a complaint upheld against them.
  • Purchasing supplements from most reputable companies at a practitioner's discount. Companies are increasingly requesting that practitioners belong to a professional body.

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