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3 Questions to Ask a Kinesiologist


3 Questions to Ask a Kinesiologist  

Have you heard someone raving about kinesiology, but are unsure how it actually works? Wondering how to choose the right kinesiologist for you – or what questions to ask during treatment?
We’ve put together this handy guide, with 3 questions to ask a kinesiologist:

Ask a kinesiologist: What can I expect?

Kinesiology is one of the lesser known therapies, so your therapist will probably anticipate this question – and explain how they work before you even ask. But in case they don’t, don’t hesitate to ask what to expect in a session. This can help you understand what kinesiology is, what the therapist will do, and how it might help alleviate your health issues and benefit your body.
Most likely, your treatment will take place on a massage table. The practitioner will then use muscle testing with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This muscle feedback system helps the practitioner balance your energies, and enable to body to heal itself.

Ask a kinesiologist: Are you qualified and registered?

Like many other modalities, kinesiology isn’t regulated in Australia. So you’ll want to check your chosen kinesiologist is registered with an association, such as the Australian Institute of Kinesiology, or the Australian Kinesiology Association. While they don’t have to be accredited, this can provide you with peace of mind that they’re bound by a code of conduct – and are involved in the industry. You can also ask if your practitioner is registered with a health fund, so you can rest assured their qualifications meet the highest industry standards.

Ask a kinesiologist: What should I do after the session?

Your kinesiologist should cover this question during your session. You’ll want to know what was worked on during the session, and what you should do between treatments to continue working towards your health goals. Your kinesiologist may also give you supplements to take, as well as assign homework and lifestyle tweaks to make.

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