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Hall Green Alternative Health Practise

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Whether you have a physical or psychological condition or you are just feeling under the weather


offers you a better way to regain your health.

Contact NameJan Wood
Address48 Kedleston Road
Hall Green
Birmingham B28 0NR
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Welcome to .......

Jan Wood is a fully qualified and registered homoeopath
and has been practising in the West Midlands for over 25 years, both in Hall Green in Birmingham and recently at Body and Mind, 24 Grange Avenue, Binley, Coventry, CV3 2ED.

Jan is a mature, caring and empathetic lady who has considerable experience in treating a wide variety of physical, emotional and psychological conditions in adults and children..

Jan trained to become a homoeopath after suffering for many years with increasingly debilitating panic attacks,feelings of not being able to cope, dangerously high blood pressure and painful arthritis. She tried other therapies with little or no success, but with the knowledge acquired during her four years of professional training at the College of Practical Homoeopathy in Dudley, Jan successfully treated herself.

About ten years ago Jan fell from a height onto concrete breaking and dislocating her right hip, snapping her right leg,and fracturing many other bones including her skull, arms and ribs.

Titanium plates were put into her hip and leg to hold them together and she was told she would never be able to walk without a stick and would be in pain for the rest of her life. Despite the plates becoming dislodged and causing severe internal bleeding, leaving her with one leg shorter than the other, she taught herself to walk again without support, no longer has any sign of the internal bleeding and is not in any pain..

Jan is convinced that her use of homoeopathic remedies have made all of this possible.

All of Jan's health problems have been successfully resolved with no reoccurrance and her health and wellbeing continues to improve.every day.

In Jan's professional opinion homoeopathy has helped her completely change her life both emotionally, physically and psychologically and she would love to do the same for you.

Please telephone or email Jan to discuss how her knowledge of homeopathic treatment will be able to help you, your friends and family.

Skype consultations and telephone consultations are also available for those who through distance or circumstances cannot visit Jan.

Over her many years of fulltime practise Jan has successfully treated many clients she has never met, several from as far away as Australia.

Jan is passionate about sharing all the knowledge and skills she has acquired during her many years of fulltime practise and mentors students before, during and after their training to become professional homoepaths.

Jan also teaches the effectiveness of homeopathy to those not able to commit to four years of professional training, but wish to be able to treat themselves, friends and family.

Jan also teaches comprehensive homeopathic first aid courses.


I felt I have received healing by just being in your presence and talking to you.I know the treatment will pick up from here.I already feel more human and more connected. Ms C. Selly Oak.

After four years of horrendous health problems I am now on top of the world and It is all thanks to Jan and her practise of homeopathy.Sue S. Former Manageress of Holland and Barrett.

I had endured over fifty years of emotional psychological and physical torment before meeting Jan. I know feel better than I ever knew was possible and I am looking forward to the rest of my life instead of dreading it. J. G. Solihull, West Midlands.

Before consulting Jan Wood I had suffered crippling intermitant back pain and agonising pain constantly shooting down my left leg, due to wear and tear and an old injury for 30 years. I no longer get back pain or shooting pain down my leg and the crippling pain in my hands and feet has also disappeared. Steve. Moseley, West Midlands.

After having been treated by several homeopaths in Australia for recurrent seasonal sneezing, itchy eyes, appaling skin conditions and various other allergic problems. It was wellworth the cost of the flight just to have treatment from Jan as well as visiting my mother in England.
Kate. Sydney, Australia.

I met Jan at my lowest point after the birh of my first child. I did not wish to take antideppressants so turned to Jan. I found her sympathetic, empathetic and the only person I was able to be fully open about how I was feeling. She did not judge but listened and the remedies she prescribed kick started a recovery which has transformed me both emotionally, psychologically and physically. I feel better than I can remember being before and can honestly say Jan and homeopathy was my turning point and would recommend this combination to anybody. Jenny. Dorridge, West Midlands.

For years I had bloating, the sensation of acid rising into my throat a horrible taste in my mouth, weight loss and constant feelings of despair and not being able to cope. I am completely better now and Jan has helped me so much with my confidence that I have now found employment after being longterm unemployed. R. H. Hammersmith, London.

For years I suffered stomach pains, a worrying and extreme reaction whenever I ate nuts or eggs. Almost total lack of confidence in everything I did,cried at the slightest confrontation and suffered increasingly debilitating, exhausting, heavy and flooding painful periods with pain in my joints and terrible headaches, resulting in hospital visits and many days in bed. I now confidently hold down a pressurised responsible managerial role, no longer experience any stomach discomfort and just occassionally take a painkiller during the first day of my period. I am now looking forward to being able to eat all nuts and eggs and anything within reason and have totally pain free periods, thankyou Jan. Emma F. London.

Update 16.6.2012 I can now eat almonds and have almost pain free periods..

It is almost miraculous after just a few months of treatment with Jan the very low moods, aching and swollen joints, recurrent infections, sinus problems and exhaustion that I have endured for over 30 years are so much improved. I cannot wait for them to be finally resolved. Mrs J.T. Solihull.


Homoeopathy is a natural, holistic, complete system of medicine. Homoeopathy treats you as a whole person rather than your disease(s) by stimulating your body's natural healing mechanisms.

For two centuries homoeopathy has been successful in the treatment and cure of many people.In my professional opinion homoeopathy will not only cure your symptoms it will also help you by treating the root cause of your illness(es) thereby ensuring your good health for the future.

As a professional homoeopath I aim to help my patients achieve freedom from all limitations in their lives and to reach such a level of good health that they are no longer dependant on any form of medicine or therapy.


I do not treat physical, psychological, emotional or even spiritual illnesses separately since they only represent aspects of the patient's suffering. I treat the whole person.

When starting homoeopathic treatment I will ask you questions that seem to bear little or no relevance to your presenting complaint. This is because I need to have a clear picture of you in your entirety before prescribing your homoeopathic remedies. This is because I treat your as a whole person not just a list of symptoms.


Because homoeopathy is a holistic medicine people suffering from all of illness and diseases and symptoms of all forms of illnesses and diseases can be helped by homoeopathy to regain their health.

Good health is more than just being free from pain and attaining physical fitness, it is also about leading a happy life and fulfilling our potential. To do this we need to be functioning freely on every level.

Because homoeopathy is a holistic medicine anybody will benefit from treatment even if all they need is a boost in energy, confidence and vitality.


They are derived from a variety of natural substances such as plants and minerals. After initial preparation of the raw material the remedies are made by a process of serial dilution and vigourous shaking in a solution of alcohol and water. This is either done a few times or up to many thousands of times depending on the potency or strength required. The resulting homoeopathic remedy is then either used in its liquid form or soaked into tablets or granules for convenience.

Those who do not wish to take alcohol based remedies can be prescribed remedies prepared without the presence of alcohol.


The process of serial dilution and vigorous shaking imprints the characteristic energy pattern of the original substance into the alcohol and water solution. This may be likened to the transmission of television signals, where the original scene is convereted into an electro-magnetic energy pattern and broadcast to your TV.

A homoeopathic remedy acts as a signal that energises or stimulates the bodies self healing powers working on all aspects of the patient psychologically, emotionally and physically.

Just as a TV needs a signal of exactly the right wavelength to produce a good picture so each patient will only respond healthily to the most appropriate remedy(ies).

Only a minute stimulus from the correct remedy(ies) is needed. I aim to treat people with the minimum amount of medicine and intervention.


They are safe and very effective and can be safely used alongside any drugs prescribed by your doctor.

Homoeopathic remedies stimulate the body's energy rather than its chemical balance, so there are no side-effects as there is no chemical element to accumulate in the body's tissues - unlike some herbal and Chinese medicines. For the same reasons it is not possible to overdose on homoeopathic medicines.


When you visit me you will receive a great deal of personal time and attention. You will be asked to fill in a simple questionaire concerning your specific complaint(s) and medical history.

Your initial consultation will last for about an hour, depending on your needs, during which I will ask you not only about the complaint(s) you want treated, but also about your general health, family history and more generally about your personality, your likes and dislikes and any areas of dissatisfaction in your life. All this is necessary to select the appropriate remedies for you.

Further consultations also last about an hour according to your individual need.

Depending on your complaint(s) you may only need to come a couple of times in total or as often as once a month for a year or more.

All remedies are included in the cost of treatment and there is no extra charge for telephone consultations in between appointments in the event of accident, sudden illness or crisis.

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