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5 Best Foods to Beat Bloating

No-one likes having a bloated belly. Whether you get it regularly or every now and then, you no doubt would like to know some ways to beat the bloat. If so, have a munch on these foods the next time your belly bulges:

1 Yoghurt for bloating

One of the best anti-bloating foods is plain yoghurt. It’s full of probiotics, which are h helpful bacteria that aid your digestive system when breaking down and absorbing food.

Just steer clear of the sugary yoghurts, and opt for a plain pot-set or Greek yoghurt. It should taste slightly sour, not sweet. You can always add some antioxidant berries for more flavour.

2 Celery for a flat tummy

Celery is another ‘super food’ when it comes to keeping your stomach slimmer. It contains certain chemicals that rid your body of excess water and help control intestinal gas.

3 Banana for the belly

Bananas aren’t only great for an energy hit before exercise, they’re also packed with potassium – which has been shown to prevent bloating and also keep your salt levels in check.

4 Garlic and ginger

OK, we’re snuck in two foods here. But garlic and ginger tend to go hand-in-hand, no?
When eaten on its own, garlic has been shown to help reduce gas (although be warned it can increase bloating if eaten with other foods).

Ginger is also renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. And it’s all thanks to zingibain, a digestive enzyme that helps the body process protein.

An easy way to eat more of these bloat busters is to sip a ginger or garlic tea.

5 Beans for belly bloat

Beans round out our list of top belly bloat blitzers. As well as lentils, beans help you take in more fibre, which is essential for proper digestion. Many beans including white beans and soybeans are high in fibre and also packed with potassium. Lentils are also wonderful for keeping your belly flat.

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