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Bowen Therapy and Sports Injuries

Bowen therapy is a gentle non-invasive movement of the tissues that is being recognised as an effective remedial technique for the treatment and healing of sports injuries. It is also able to assist in maintaining an athlete's body, by decreasing the likelihood of injuries - but also by increasing performance. Injuries in sport are often sustained when the body has been unable to cope with the rigour of a sudden, additional stress. Bowen therapy helps to rebalance, reset and realign the body, while encouraging the body to heal its own tissues. It also promotes optimum posture and gait - essential attributes for any sportsperson.

Practical Bowen Therapy

Gentle rolling movements, using the fingers and thumbs, are used at very precise points on the body - with the spine often the focus of attention. This therapy is not as vigorous as massage, which also typically utilises oils and is more manipulation based. A client normally is treated on a table similar to those used for massage, and can be clothed if required. Treatment can last anywhere from 30 minutes - 45 minutes, with the number of sessions dependent on the condition and specific patient response to treatment.

Who was Bowen? Tom Bowen was an Australian, with no medical background, who started treating members of his local football team for the injuries they received. Though he published nothing pertaining to his philosophy or technique, it is thought he was inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Bowen therapy is concerned with treating the whole body, and balancing it - much like the philosophy behind eastern disciplines and religions which recognise a chi or life force in us all. Much of Bowen therapy is focused on gently stimulating the fascia, tendons and muscles.

What is the fascia?

Fascia refers to all the connective tissues that occur throughout our body, found between the skin and muscles underneath it. It also surrounds all the muscles of the body, and supports and protects them whilst keeping them in place. It is a versatile tissue in that it allows a certain degree of movement whilst preserving stability.

Bowen therapy sports benefits

Bowen therapy is holistic, non-invasive and beneficial for a wide range of conditions. It is also safe for all ages and is beneficia a number of respects, including for sports related injuries such as:

  • muscular ailments such as hamstring injuries
  • repetitive strain injuries
  • frozen shoulder;
  • and - asthma

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