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Our doctor - Dr Ginger has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese herb for 23 years, with the exellent skill Dr Ginger is happy to help with the people who are struggling with different chronic or acute problems like back pain, stress, infertility ...etc.

Contact NameFerina Qin
Address216 Fulham Palace Road
West London W6 9NT
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“Many Western doctors now accept that it does work. We know acupuncture cause the release of endorphins into the body and stimulate our immune system, so help the body to heal itself. It is generally considered that the muscular–skeletal & neurological and mental-emotional problems are most responsive to acupuncture but it also treats a variety of health and beauty problems. With more research, the treatment has gradually been accepted into mainstream medicine.”
- Dr Mike Cummings,
the medical director of The British Medical Acupuncture Society (BMAS).

Acupuncture arrived in the west in the late 1930’s, but it has been regarded with the utmost suspicion until recent days. Now greater and greater recognition has been gaining in the western world, the successful result patients are experiencing is spreading both word of mouth as well as articles in the media

Introduction to TCM - Yin Yang Theory
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) dates back to 21st century B.C; it’s the 3rd oldest form of medicine which has over 4000 years history. Only Egyptian and Babylonia predates it. The reason why TCM is still existed and being widely practiced today is a testament to its value as a form of healthcare.

Balance – yin and yang

Yin yang theory is the core part of this ancient medcine.Yin and yang are neither materials nor energy; their theory is a kind of logic which was developed into a system of thought to explain complicated phenomena in the universe. Traditional medicine is an example of one area where the yin yang theory is used to understand complicated relationships in the body.

TCM sees health as a balance in the body of the two opposing and complementary aspects of yin and yang; they mutually restrict and depend on one another. In our body, the physical form belongs to yin while the body’s activities or physiological functions belong to yang. The physiological function cannot play its roll if it doesn’t have physical form in which to perform them and in turn the physical form cannot metabolize to obtain energy without the physiological function to work along with it.

Yin yang harmony will provide us the correct flow of Qi (vital energy) which make our body to function well and has good immunity allowing them to recover easier from illness. But when this balance is disturbed by lifestyle, poor diet or outside influence etc. then the flow of Qi is blocked or becomes deficient. This manifests itself as the symptoms of disease. TCM aims to active the innate healing ability of the body with its own way to have this balance back to our body so that the patient is not only symptoms free but is healthy and full of vitality.

The yin yang theory has close relationship with the Five Elements Theory. They are often used simultaneously to explain natural phenomena. Ancient Chinese medical philosophers integrated these two theories into their medical practices as early as 400BC. As integration of these theories took place, a more formalized system of medicine was established. Today we refer to this medical system as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Therapies Offered

Acupuncture is a unique way of delicately piercing the very fine sterilized disposable needles into specific acupoints which lie under the skin on the network of meridian that link all the organs and system. By stimulating these points, the body’s healing response or immune system will start working to rebalance the body by releasing the block energy or promote the sluggish energy thus enhancing the correct Qi flow (vital energy). In TCM concept, a smooth correct flow of Qi is the fundamental thing which makes our body function well and has good immune system to recover easier from illness.

Cosmetic Acupuncture - Acufacial Therapy
Acufacial is an effective, non-surgical treatment to reduce the signs of aging. It is based on the principle of Chinese medicine, which involves the insertion of very thin disposable needles into the acupoints on the face. This superficial insertion will increase the local circulation the face and stimulate collagen production, which will fill out the lines and give firmness to the skin a healthy glow complexion.

Acupuncture for weight loss - Acuslim therapy
This mechanism works in reducing fat by controlling the excessive eating as a result of poor dietary habits and strengthening the inefficient working of the body’s metabolism systems through inserting the very fine needles on the certain acupoints of the meridian’s network. By stimulating these magic acupoints, this therapy not only addresses the excessive fat itself but more importantly readjusts the gastric and digestive system to regulate the production of the digestive enzymes and hormones in long term so that the ideal result’s benefited stably.

Chinese herbal therapy
Chinese herbal therapy involves the use of natural plant which is dried and treated without any chemical assistance. Each has its own specific characteristics and particular medical use to help to treat diseases and to restore the body to its normal physiological functions. Most formulas consist between 6 and 16 type of herbs to be boiled up to drink as “tea” (decoction), these are tailor made to suit the individual’s patterns of disharmony. Herbs also come in other forms like: herbal pills and powders.

Traditional Chinese Massage (or Acupressure) is based on the knowledge of TCM acupoint, using a wide range of technical skill to apply to the affected area, thus improving the circulation and allowing the body to regain its balance. It has been shown to be very effective for many conditions such as: alleviating stress, improving sleeping and reducing back pain etc.

This a popular and relaxing holistic treatment based on the principle that reflex points on the soles, tops and the sides of the feet are connected to corresponding areas throughout the body. In this way the feet can been seen as a ‘map of the body’. The practitioners will work on the reflexes with their thumbs and fingers, using a variety of pressure techniques to suit your individual needs.
This wonderful therapy will start with an essential herbal soaking for your feet aiming at strengthening the blood circulation of the whole body, as we said that the feet were the “second heart” of humans.

Moxibustion is a way of treating certain health conditions through heated herbs. The leaves of the Moxa tree are made into a small cone, and place it on (or above) an acupoint, ignited and allowed to slowly smoulder. The warmth of the moxa cone warms the blood on the acupoint and helps to release cold and dampness in the body, found to relieve pain.

This is a unique treatment using by TCM doctors to promote local blood circulation,
Remove cold & damp, dispel blood stasis. It involves the use of the vacuum that creates by the warmed cups to work on the localized congestion area. The combination of acupuncture and cupping are proved to be effective on treating lower back pain, arthritic pain, stomach ache, dysmenorrhea, common cold and cough, latent sore etc.

Ear candle
It’s made of unbleached cotton and 100% pure beeswax. Candles help to remove impurities and avoid the build-up of earwax. It’s recommended for the people who’s working in the dusty environments or suffering from the excess earwax.

It’s also found that ear candle therapy is helpful for certain conditions such as tinnitus (ringing in the ear), sinusitis, and throat congestion.

Patients' Gallery - Testimonial

Sophia Newsome, Retired
Condition: Lung infection, Depression, Back pain

During July 2009 I suffered serious respiratory congestion on my chest. This resulted in a deep hard cough that also caused problems with my throat and voice as well as causing me to feel a sense of considerable exhaustion.
I was advised by a friend to see the Chinese doctor close by as he and his wife had both been helped by his treatment. Having used Chinese herbs and acupuncture in the past with good success (I have for around 30 years only used natural means of health care as I choose not to use the National Health system), I needed no more encouragement from my friend to make an immediate visit that same day.

The result of the diagnosis the Chinese doctor - Dr Ginger gave corresponded absolutely to very early constitutional problems that I had suffered from a very early age. He proscribed the appropriate herbs for me to cook up and take twice a day.

I still so well recall that on the second day after taking the herbs I felt a wonderful sense of joyfulness and well-being. As my husband had passed over 16 months prior such feelings had been, on the whole, not been readily available in me.

Every week I visited Dr Ginger to have a new diagnosis and alter the herbal mixture accordingly. He would ask relevant questions as to what was happening in my body, how I was feeling etc., take my pulses check my tongue and make up my weeks batch of herbs.

As the weeks passed, I could distinctly feel the changes happening in me – first emotionally and mentally then physically. As mentioned earlier by the second day I felt a wonderful sense of joyfulness and well-being. (I need to add that my quick response surprised the doctor and Ferina but I know it was because my system was not full of drugs and there for more easily responded to this powerful and effective treatment.)
My mind became clearer and my attitude became more optimistic.

On a physical level my chest felt less tight and the cough was looser and eventually completely disappeared. My throat and voice were clearer and no longer constricted with phlegm. The previous sense of exhaustion I had felt was being replaced with a lighter and brighter feeling and as I continued with the treatment I began to feel as if I had plenty of energy available to me. This change I felt was verified by my pulses. They were, on the whole, showing to be stronger and more balance.

Just when I thought all was completed I put my lower back out. Dr Ginger suggested Acupuncture twice a week for at least five sessions. This I agreed to and found the very debilitating pain ease within a couple of treatments. As I was experiencing such benefit and my pulses were the guides I continued treatment for a few more sessions.

I feel a new individual, energized, happy and optimistic.

I am so very grateful for all the caring, and highly professional and expert treatment I received. I have felt full confidence in the hands of the Chinese doctors I received treatment from, now Dr Ginger, and Farina who provide a wonderfully effective service of this most ancient medical system that reaches back to around 2500BC.

Sophia Newsome - A happy and satisfied client who is delighted to recommend this great medical system and will return for regular ‘tune ups’ which are so valuable in this age of ‘fast lane’ living!

Veronica Lapa & Oleg Lapa
Professional musicians, Owners of School of 'Old' Bel Canto

Condition: Stress, Low immune system

As a family, we have been using Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 30 years. Coupled with a diet rich in organically grown food, we have found that this medicine, has greatly improved our general health and immune system. In our experience, acupuncture and herbal remedies, work in harmony with the whole body, and often associated with the drug therapies of Western medicine. We have, as a result, not had to rely on prescribed Western medicine for general health maintenance for some time.

Over the years, we have been most fortunate to have had professional and highly skilled, traditional Chinese doctors. Dr Ginger, the current practitioner, is no exception. He is a very accurate diagnostician and an experienced doctor. He is always friendly, caring and never hurried. The overall well - being of the individual is paramount in his diagnosis, and prescription of a suitable treatment. In line with the great Chinese medical tradition, one knows that his treatments address the cause of the problem, and not merely suppress the symptom.

The clinic in Hammersmith has an excellent supporting staff. Special mention should be made of Ferina, who’s helpful, friendly and genuinely caring manner, not to mention her excellent interpreting skills, make this clinic a delight to visit. We are very fortunate to have such a medical centre in the area.

O & V Lapa - School of 'Old' Bel Canto-- Hammersmith

Ronald Read, Bar manager
Condition: hair loss

Thanks to Dr Ginger and Ferina.
I’ve been using the herbal tablets and herbal hair tonic they prescribed to re-grow hair on the large bald patch on my head. I started using the remedies in January 2010. By mid- March when I came back to get a repeat prescription, the large bald patch had reduced and showed as two small patches as hair had started to grow in the middle and at the borders.

I’m very happy with the result. Over the past two years, I have spent over £700 on trying to re-grow my hair. I even bought a supplement from one of the biggest stores in UK, and it didn’t make much difference to my bald patch. But with the product Dr Ginger supplied me with; I felt the improvement in just two and half months. Both Dr Ginger and Ferina were very confident regarding my hair loss situation, and said to me “hopefully in another three months’ time, the two patches would become just two little dots!”

They also advised me to take some acupuncture treatments to accelerate the progress. I didn’t take the full treatment at the beginning as I wasn’t very sure about it, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money again for nothing! But now I know that Chinese medicine really does work very well!
I’m very impressed!

Brain Newbury, Retired taxi driver
Condition: Gout in the knuckle

I have been suffering from gout in knuckle of middle finger on my right hand for two years. A conventional medical consultant prescribed allopurinol tablets and cortisone injections which didn’t alleviate the condition very much. A few months later, I had a second course of cortisone injection which also wasn’t helpful.
I then consult Dr Ginger; he has given me acupuncture and herbal medicine. After two months of treatment the condition is almost eliminated, now I can make a fist, which I could hardly do before because of the pain and the swelling in the knuckle. I’m continuing with the treatment to hopefully eliminate the condition completely as soon as possible.

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