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Physical Health , Mindful Wealth & Spiritual Self ...

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West London
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Welcome to : Sally ... Anne ... Sturt

What is the source of Well-Being?

I believe that the foundation of all well-being is within each individual, in the relationship between “physical health, mindful wealth, and spiritual self” and the innate connection between the three.

The more aware we become of this relationship the better we become at making conscious choices to look after ourselves in a holistic way, and to live within our own true essence.

Most of us spend our lives struggling unnecessarily, and it’s important to realise that, if we were courageous enough to let go of our huge expectations, the natural energy of the Universe would support us in all aspects of our everyday lives.

If you think this is a profound statement, then that’s fine, but I personally believe that allowing “universal energy” to guide us through life is the most natural option, it is the quickest way to bring real harmony into our lives, the futile struggles disappear and the joy begins.

Laughter is also a fundamental source of well-being, particularly in relation to ourselves, it can turn the grey clouds into opportunities for self-growth and bring a sparkling awareness that laughter is undoubtedly the best medicine and it really is the language of the soul.

If we can grasp these simple truths, and act upon them, we can then move through life, with ease instead of ‘dis-ease’, and surely this is one of the most desirable outcomes that any of us could wish for ... ?

Movement is Life!

So what is meant by Physical Health?

Well – it’s simply not enough to be “fit” – that really is only the beginning ...

Correct posture, breathing, movement quality, and becoming aware of how your body communicates with you – these are all directly relevant to your physical health.

Sally therefore offers "Holistic" Personal Training - this consists of a series of exercises based on each individuals unique needs , with the emphasis always focused on the balance. She will ensure that you remain motivated as you learn how to move safely and correctly . The body is a precision instrument and should be respected as such.The programmes will include stretch , cardio-vascular training , and relaxation.

Benefits of Holistic Personal Training : increased self-esteem , weight loss , improved sleeping patterns and the ability to move with ease.

What is meant by Mindful Wealth?

The Buddhists say that “correct” or “right” mindfulness is the critical factor in the path to liberation and subsequent enlightenment ... blimey – hefty concept eh?

Well, not really. To be aware of the quality of one’s thoughts is crucial to raising one’s consciousness. Quite simply, are our thoughts peaceful and positive, or are they negative? We all suffer from negative thoughts, usually directed towards the “self”and if this is the predominant tone of your attitude to YOU, then it follows it will be the basis of your thoughts for others.

Quite simply if we can CHANGE THE SCRIPT in our minds our whole world becomes a better place. Try it and see – it’s a wonderful experience (and great fun) and when you begin to manifest more positive attitudes towards you, your dreams really can come true.

Natural Body Balancing is helpful in assisting this mindful process. A harmonious flow of energy within and around the body is essential for health & well-being, however this flow may be disturbed by emotional , mental and physical trauma , leading to stress and ill-health.
Through the use of sensitive touch techniques , which vary from client to client , the essential energy flow may be re-established . The touch used is generally light and connects with key energy points of the body .
All sessions are conducted with the client fully clothed and lying down on a couch.

Benefits of Natural Body Balancing : in a state of deep relaxation the body's own intelligence takes over , and begins to heal itself . There is a release of stress and tension , fatigue is reduced and there is a positive impact on mood and performance and an overall sense of well-being.

What is meant by Spiritual Self?

The true essence of each and everyone of us lies deep within the soul.The soul contains the “blue print” for our life’s work.

So how do we access this? Quite simply – WE “BE“ WITH WHAT WE LOVE in life : - ).

A definitive tool to access this is "Treasure Mapping " which is a technique that can be used to access your true life's work . It clarifies your truth, goals and desires in an incredibly powerful, creative and fun way by using visualization. Once tried & tested you will probably use it all the time : - )
By putting your hopes and dreams down on paper ie by writing, drawing, montage or painting, you can home in on who you really are and where you want to be.
Sally can guide you through the specifics of this method and once learned, you can take the technique away with you and manifest your intentions into reality.

Benefits of Treasure Mapping : you begin to focus your mind on what you truly love in life, this promotes a positive feeling that you are back in control of your own happiness, and the clarification that you can empower your dreams into reality on a very conscious level.

What do I offer as a Personal Well-Being Advisor ?

I offer a range of “tools” for people to choose from and these include:

Holistic Personal Training , Natural Body Balancing & Treasure Mapping, (as detailed above), and the modalities listed at the bottom of this page.

Prices - these are kept affordable & the intention is to ensure that everyone I work with can apply what they have learned to pursue a much more balanced life-style.


For further details please contact me on 07845 899 920 or email me at


Sally Anne Sturt is a member of the Federation Of Holistic Therapists who trained at the Raworth College of Natural Nutrition & Sports Therapies at Dorking in Surrey with Anthony Deavin and became a Certified Light Touch Therapist in 2001 (a.k.a. Natural Body Balancing)

Sally is also a Certified Teacher of Exercise to Music (Royal Society of Arts 1994) and an experienced "EXTEND" Teacher (Exercise Teaching for the Elderly and Disabled 1996), throughout the years she has taught a whole range of clients from children through to the elderly.

Sally has also attained Reiki 1 & 2 (2000) and has previously been involved with her local Spiritual Centre offering spiritual healing, where she also became a member of the governing committee .

Sally has also undergone training with Tai-Chi Master Peter Chin Kean Choy, Director of the Rainbow Tai Chi School in Devon, and uses these insights as part of her holistic approach to good health .
She continues to attend workshops on a regular basis expanding her knowledge of the real nature of "Well Being" and considers this to be a continuing project.

In her own words ... " My best educator has been looking inwards rather than outwards. This has enabled me to take responsibility for not just my actions but also my thoughts .

THOUGHT IS ENERGY - when we come to this understanding, our choices for everything become far more peaceful and our life turns itself around . We can read many books, attend many workshops, and look to others to help us, but until we are courageous enough to look at ourselves we remain in a state of "dis-ease".

MOVEMENT IS LIFE - our ideal state of being is to "flow "like a river into the uniqueness of being. We can only free ourselves by looking at "ourselves" in the most benevolent of ways. Our free-will gives us opportunities to choose our path every step of the way.

KINDNESS IS TRUTH - if we can learn to be gentle and kind to ourselves first, we can then be that for others ... it simply doesn't work the other way around ....

I wish you all ... A Balanced Mind ... A Healthy Body ... A Loving Spirit ... and may your innate intuition be your guide.

With love & gratitude

Sally Anne Sturt

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

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