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Pauline Miller is a fully qualified complementary therapy practitioner offering a range of professional touch, movement, bodywork and energy therapies, to enhance the awareness and experience of your body, mind, spirit connection. Simply Holistic Therapies also acts as an independent host for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Anatomy Trains workshops in Birmingham, West Midlands.

Contact NamePauline Miller
Address17 Kings Road
Sutton Coldfield
Birmingham B73 5AB
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Supporting natural therapies that include Amma Fusion Massage, Holistic Massage, Indian Head Massage, 'M' Technique and Reiki therapies. Plus Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT), advanced specialist techniques used in the management of Oedema, Lymphoedema and Lipoedema related conditions.

Holistic, self-empowering therapies to positively benefit and promote your general health and well being - on a physical, emotional, spiritual/subtle energetic level; and inspire your on-going journey of personal growth and development. With an approach that involves treating and respecting you as an individual, unique 'whole' being.

Complementary therapies work along side most of the conventional medical treatments that you may already be receiving today, forming an integrative and supportive element during times of ill health. Where required this may include liaising with your health care professional(s) to ensure the most appropriate and effective treatment plan is devised to meet your particular therapy needs. Each therapy can be easily adapted to suit your individual case taking into account age, health condition and/or disability.

The therapies available provide a therapeutic oasis to allow:-

* relief of tense, tired, aching muscles and joints

* a relaxing, quality time and space to 'just be'

* a unique and deeply meditative safe haven to enrich the spirit, or

* an up-lifting, refreshing, invigorating and re-energising experience

All working towards restoring your body's own natural inner balance and harmony.

Amma Fusion Massage

This therapy gets its origins from ancient healing systems by using an exciting fusion of the most effective Eastern massage/bodywork techniques, based on concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Drawing from disciplines such as acupressure, table shiatsu and tui na, to bring about an energising and revitalising body treatment.

Amma Fusion helps to unblock stagnant Qi (energy), opening the body to give your energy space to move and flow more freely. Increasing overall health and vitality by restoring the balance and stream of energy in the body's channels - known as meridians or pathways of energy. The channels of Qi help to nourish and defend the body's systems.

Sensitivity and communication plays a fundamental role in Amma Fusion Massage to facilitate the breath work, natural touch, flow, movement and balance of energy. Its paced, rhythmic and precise movements affect both the superficial and deep tissues, to encourage relaxation and the release of muscle tension.

Helpful for tension headaches/migraines, muscle tension, sinus problems, digestive complaints, chronic fatigue, PMS, and more. Refreshing and invigorating for the body, soothes the emotions + clears the mind. Amma Fusion can also be used as a great preventative measure and energy booster, or as part of a general body maintenance programme. This therapy is carried out whilst fully clothed.

Holistic Massage

A wonderful mix of light and deep massage movements, passive holds, breath work and stillness. Stretching of soft tissues, gentle manipulation of joints to bring relief and increase your flexibility to aid and encourage good posture.

> Reduces feelings of anxiety, stress/depression
> Promotes a sense of calm, relaxation, inner confidence
> Encourages deeper more efficient breathing
> Eases tense, tired, aching or painful muscles and joints
> Supports good blood and lymph circulation, providing a well earned tonic to the body's systems
> Can benefit the tone and quality of the skin
> Aid and improve digestive transport
> Improves your quality of sleep.
> Stimulates and energises to bring clarity of mind

"The total body massages were magnificent, healing and soothing to my body." DS Yardley Wood

Indian Head Massage

Based on the ayurvedic system of healing, Indian Head Massage has been practiced in India for over 4,000 years. it involves a combination of massage, the use of acupressure points to the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face, and the flow of healing energy referred to as 'Prana' within the Indian culture. This energy forms an integral part to the treatment, with the aim of clearing blocked energy channels associated with the build up of tension that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints.

Good for headaches/migraines, eye strain, plus physical and/or emotional stress. Relieves - physical and mental fatigue; plus tense, stiff, aching neck and shoulder muscles and joints. Stimulates the release of endorphins to relieve pain/discomfort. Promotes clearer thinking, improved concentration and alertness. Enhances the circulation to your skin, hair & scalp, encouraging cell regeneration, promoting healthy hair growth. The welcome relief of tension is felt almost instantaneously.

Brings balance to your subtle energies, engaging the body, mind, and spirit connection. This therapy is usually performed in a seated position and carried out whilst fully clothed.

'M' Technique

Initially devised by Dr Jane Buckle to support patients in hospital who were fragile or in a critical care setting. The therapy is now generally available to anyone wishing to access a relaxing and calming treatment.

'M' Techinique uses light, nurturing and supporting touch performed in a structured pattern, set pressure and speed, to allow familiarity and build your confidence through touch. It is particularly useful for those who are feeling fragile (physically and/or emotionally) due to illness. Can help to reduce feelings of stress, fear, grief and anger + ease and soothe chronic pain and fatigue.

Achieves a deep calm and profound relaxation during periods of agitation to quieten and encourage deeper breathing - described as 'physical hypnotherapy'. Its soothing repetition helps to build confidence. Useful if you are hesitant about using touch therapies for the first time.

Reiki - 'Energy in Harmony'

Reiki is a beautiful ancient form of natural healing developed by Mikao Usui in Japan. 'Rei' means universal and 'Ki' refers to the life force energy that flows through all living things. As a result Reiki is referred to as 'universal life force energy', a great medium which forms one of the key energy foundations of our being.

Reiki energy is powerful, yet gently works with your body's own internal healing energy centres to release blocked energy channels, flowing to where it is needed the most to provide benefit to your general health and well being. Induces feelings of calm and relaxation, and is a great de-stressor. It invokes a sense of inner peace and stillness within. Assists in the recovery and healing process of chronic health conditions; helps to soothe and relieve pain; and aids the body when at rest, therefore encouraging a better sleep pattern.

Reiki can bring about self awareness, encourage positive thinking to create a comfortable state of being. Improving self belief and inner confidence to further assist in your personal growth and development.

Your Reiki journey and experience will be unique to you and your health needs. This therapy is carried out whilst fully clothed.

"Gentle, effective therapies carried out in a professional, caring way." AF Burntwood

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Therapy - Dr Vodder Technique

> Includes MLD Facial, and or, MLD General

> Despite its name this is a light, gentle, calming and relaxing therapy
> Designed specifically to improve the functioning of the lymphatic system
> Contributes to healthy body tissue + the body's immune responses
> Assists you in the management of Oedema and Lymphoedema (both primary and secondary) related health conditions
> Can also aid a variety of other chronic health related conditions
> Excellent as a preventative measure to enhance your general health and well being
> Reduces fluid congestion from swollen ankles to puffy eyes
> Encourages the body's healing process of burns, wounds, scar tissue, acne + beneficial pre and post comestic surgery
> An aid to the body during a detox programme, and is recommended by fertility expert Zita West if preparing and supporting your body for IVF related treatment
> Naturally clears the skin and supports the body during healing

I have been delighted with the MLD treatment received from Pauline at Simply Holistic Therapies. My legs were aching and swollen, but after 6 sessions with Pauline much improved, so much relief. RA Sutton Coldfield

Combined Decongestive Therapy

Advanced, specialist techniques used in the management of both Primary and Secondary Lymphoedema related conditions, to assist in the reduction of excess lymph volume. Combined Decongestive Therapy can include a combination of 4 key elements - Manual Lymphatic Drainage, bandaging, exercise and skin care regimes.

A course of intensive treatment is generally recommended to encourage and obtain the best immediate results, followed by reviews and on-going maintenance agreed as part of your treatment plan.

Other Supporting Treatments

Additional treatments used include Deep Oscillation Therapy and Kinesio Therapy

What can you expect?:

 A totally professional approach
 Sensitivity and respect at all times
 An initial consultation, an important element of your first visit
 Easily accessible therapies
 One or even a combination of therapies to suit your needs
 Mobile therapy available to those unable to attend the clinic
 An environment that makes you feel safe and secure
 Complementary therapies that support you in restoring your body's natural balance and harmony

Therapy treatments are currently available at clinics based within the Sutton Coldfield area. Alternatively some home visits can be arranged for those unable to travel to the clinic.

'Listen to your body and it will tell you what you need to know'

Pauline is a registered and listed practitioner with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), Massage Training Institute (MTI), MLDuk the professional association of MLD practitioners, and the 'M Technique UK organisation.

Independent Host for CPD Workshops in Birmingham, West Midlands

Since 2012 Simply Holistic Therapies has worked in partnership with Anatomy Trains and Willem Fourie of Way Forward since 2012, to bring their workshops to Birmingham. Bringing both training provider and practitioners together in central Birmingham).

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) workshops are a great opportunity for qualified practitioners to further explore the world of fascia and myofascial connections. Enhancing existing knowledge and skills by reviewing aspects of anatomy, physiology and pathology conducting detailed patient assessments/evaluations, plus learning new and effective hands-on treatment strategies, all adding a new dimension to your therapy practice.

The next workshop for 2017 - Anatomy Trains in Structure & Function (formerly ATI & ATII), is being held Friday 20th - Sunday 23rd July (4 days). The venue will be The Jewellery Quarter Conference Centre, B18.

This workshop is open to both manual and movement practitioners.

Early Bird fee available until 19/5/17, thereafter the standard will apply.

Please contact Pauline for further details and booking information.

Professional Diploma in Holistic Massage - MTI Manual Lymphatic Drainage/Combined Decongestive Therapy - Dr Vodder Schule, Austria Reiki I, II & III Certificates in Amma Fusion Massage, Indian Head Massage & 'M' Technique (UK)

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