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Homeopathic clinic in Park Street St Albans

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Homepathic practice in Wanstead and Chingford

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Contact NameRegistered Homeopath
AddressPark Street,
St. Albans AL2 2AJ
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About Kalpna Kadri

I qualified as a homeopath from the College of Practical Homeopathy and have been a practitioner for 14 years. I have clinics in Wanstead and Chingford. I have worked for 12 years for the Drug and Alcohol Service for London as a complementary therapist helping people with drug and alcohol addiction.

“Homeopathic remedies have no side effects, are completely non-toxic and never tested on animals.”

I was introduced to Homeopathy over 25 years ago when my two sons were toddlers. They both suffered from severe eczema and one of them later developed asthma. Having exhausted the conventional treatment route without much success, a dear friend suggested Homeopathy. Both the boys were successfully and permanently cleared of most of their allergies (including asthma) and as a matter of fact have never had any health problems since. Over the years the number of times either of them (or indeed either of us) have had to visit the GP can be counted on one hand!

“Homeopathy helps emotional problems like grief, shock and anxiety to name but a few.”

I still very much enjoy treating children from infancy. I am very passionate about treating women during pregnancy. Homeopathy is safe and gentle and helps the developing foetus and the mother and is a great help during labour. I attend births and use the remedies to help the mother through delivery. The remedies help with pain, exhaustion, emotional changes during labour, etc. Homeopathic remedies have great healing properties and they can make a big difference to soreness after labour.

Homeopaths don't just relieve or mask symptoms, but try to treat the underlying condition. There are numerous homeopathic remedies that could be indicated for particular conditions. A qualified homeopath will take care to prescribe one or more that exactly match your symptoms.

“Millions of people all over the world use homoeopathy.”

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Wanstead, London
E11 3QX
020 89891678

Epping Physiotherapy centre
267 High St Town Centre
CM16 4BP
01992 561 112

    BA (Hons) LCPH, MARH, Registered Homeopath

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Homeopaths, Mens Health, Womens Health

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