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Why Would I See An NLP Coach?

Some people may find it difficult to achieve their goals or to make positive changes in their lives because of mental obstacles such as negative thinking, lack of confidence, low self esteem and other personal issues. Inappropriate emotional reactions such as bursts of anger, periods of apathy, sadness, anxiety and chronic fear may also prevent you from achieving a good quality of life. While you need not see a psychotherapist to help you process mental blocks that prevent you from reaching your goals, an NLP coach may help you gain emotional control over your life. Neurolinguistic programming or NLP is a form of practical psychology which applies communication skills practised by the most effective therapists to promote positive change in a person’s behaviour. NLP has gained popularity in recent years because its techniques yield fast results, are practical and based on reality.

NLP CoachNLP techniques

An NLP coach uses techniques, exercises or processes that promote clarity of thought, identify mental obstacles, and gain insights about your motivations and values to help achieve your goals. An NLP coach will ordinarily use “powerful questions” and models to guide you through an exercise.

Among others, an NLP coach can teach you how:
  • to build rapport with people
  • to understand and work with emotions
  • to change the meaning of experience 
  • to discover your values and to dispel negative beliefs
  • to resolve inner conflicts
  • to access positive feelings
An NLP coach may use specific methods appropriate in your case to help you make positive changes and enable you to reach your goals. These include:


An NLP coach is trained to guide you into an altered state of consciousness where you are relaxed and open to positive suggestions. This state of mind allows the NLP coach to use therapeutic talk to alter the visual, auditory, kinesthetic and intuitive perceptions, which in turn, stimulates change. Hypnosis is effective in influencing or persuading the unconscious or subconscious mind where most mental obstacles are lodged.

Time Line Therapy

Time line therapy is an emerging technique used by NLP coaches to create powerful change in a person’s life. It is based on the idea that every person has a “time line” where memories are unconsciously stored and used to project the future. This type of therapy allows you to work at the unconscious level where you may be taught how to release past negative experiences, heal emotional traumas and eliminate unwanted thoughts, emotions and behaviours. This method is said to be fast, effective and long-lasting.

You may need an NLP coach for the following issues:
  • phobias
  • anxiety
  • improving performance
  • gaining confidence
  • changing habits
  • improving social skills
  • decision making
  • time management
  • assertiveness
  • creativity
  • goal planning and other issues
Unlike a life coach, an NLP coach is usually certified as a Practitioner or Master Practitioner of NLP. It is best to obtain the services of a certified NLP coach as he is most likely able to teach advanced NLP techniques and skills for effective results.

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