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Hatha Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Pregnancy Yoga, Energy Healing and Reiki . "We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey." -- Stephen R. Covey

Gerrards Cross SL9 7LU
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About Sumita
Sumita is qualified as a Yoga Therapist with Yoga Biomedical Trust and as a Yoga Teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga. She is also a Reiki Master and Bio-Energy Therapist.

“For me yoga is not a destination… it is a journey”
--- Sumita

Sumita has been teaching yoga since 2003 and has been practising for even longer. She first became drawn to yoga when fighting her own long-term battle with back pain: she found that modern medicine could only do so much to help her and so, at the suggestion of her GP, she turned to yoga as an alternative therapy. So inspired was she by the simplicity of yoga and the way in which it helped to heal her back, she went on to study and qualify for the Teaching Diploma with the British Wheel of Yoga.

During her teaching the common theme she found with those attending her classes is that they had turned to yoga for help with a specific physical or emotional medical condition – just as she had done years earlier. Driven by a desire to deliver more ailment-specific yoga techniques she trained for 2 years with the Yoga Biomedical Trust and Yogacampus in London and qualified as a Yoga Therapist in 2009.

Over the years Sumita has gained valuable knowledge and experience from her own teachers and indeed her students which has helped her develop and continuously adapt her teaching style to meet the needs of her students.

Hatha Yoga

Her approach to yoga is calm and meditative, helping you work from deep within the body and opening the body to become supple, strong and energetic. You will achieve a sense of harmony between the body, mind and spirit…the true essence behind Yoga and Yoga Therapy.

Hatha Yoga is a branch of yoga which involves a series of physical asanas (postures) that when combined with the control of the breath allow the body’s energy to flow freely to create a balance between the mind and the body.

Hatha Yoga is a holistic approach to health and well-being. Although it is primarily concerned with the physical body, other systems of the body are equally affected, such as the nervous, immune, respiratory and digestive systems. Hatha Yoga works on the person’s total well-being - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is the application of yoga to specific health concerns. It combines traditional yoga with modern medicine to provide an effective method for managing and alleviating a wide variety of ailments. Yoga Therapy can cure many health issues - for other conditions it can be restorative or palliative (more information can be found on the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council website at ). Whereas ordinary yoga classes can be beneficial for general health, Yoga Therapy focuses on an individual’s particular health needs given their own condition. Yoga Therapy uses a series of simple gentle postures, breathing exercises, meditation, relaxation and other self-help techniques which empower you to look after your own health and well-being. It is this self-healing that will help to promote the restoration of a balance between your mind and your body.

Yoga for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time for bonding between mother and baby. During this time you will experience a series of changes both physically and emotionally. Yoga for Pregnancy is a holistic programme of breathing, relaxation and meditation to calm your mind; gentle stretching to relieve minor pregnancy discomfort; and visualisation techniques to improve confidence during labour and ease childbirth.

Yoga for Pregnancy is a safe form of exercise highly recommended by doctors and midwives as a way of keeping fit and mobile, soothing your mind and preparing for childbirth.

Bi-Aura Therapy

Bio-energy is the natural life energy that fills the earth. The word ‘bios’ comes from Greek meaning ‘Life’, so Bio-energy healing means healing with the energy of life. Bio-energy works through the human energy field that surrounds the body and recognises energy as a vital, nourishing, healing, living, moving force that is the foundation of our well-being and true natural state.

Bi-Aura is an advanced system of gentle and non-invasive Bio-energy healing therapy that reactivates the body’s natural energy and capacity to heal. This method is based on stimulating the immune system to effectively fight against imbalance in the body in such a way that the body begins to heal itself. The whole healing therapy is about bringing the energy body to an ideal state so that it is balanced.


Reiki is a Japanese healing art that was developed by Dr Usui in Japan in the early 20th century. It is pronounced ‘ray-key’ and is also known as Reiki healing, Usui system of Reiki or Therapeutic Touch.

Reiki means universal energy and this energy flows through all living things and is essential for our health and well-being. This energy is known as ‘Ki’ in Japan, ‘Chi’ in China and ‘Prana’ in India. When our life energy is low we can experience this as anxiety, stress, tension, fatigue, sickness, emotional or physical trauma and so on.

Reiki is hands on healing that promotes well-being by working on the energy field of the body to help restore physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. It is a safe and non-invasive treatment suitable for everyone.

Nuffield Health Fitness and Wellbeing Centre, Stoke Poges.

Tuesday 1.15-2.30 - Yoga

Thursday 11.30-12.45 – Yoga

Contact tel. 0845-2413896 or go here

Monday to Friday at various times – one-to-one Hatha Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Yoga for Pregnancy, Energy Healing and Reiki

Contact tel. 01753-892636

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British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma Yoga Therapist with the Yoga Biomedical Trust Bi-Aura Therapy Practitioner CNHC Registered Member of Registered Exercise Professional

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Energy Healing, Hatha Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Reiki, Yoga

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