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Contact NameUni Healthcare London Acupuncture Clinic
Address200 City Road
East London EC1V 2PH
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Welcome to Uni Healthcare

Uni Healthcare Uni Healthcare offers a wide variety of alternative treatments. All our practitioners are experienced professionals that will recommend treatments based on client requirements.
For the uninitiated we offer a step by step experience of acupuncture and tui-na massage (deep tissue Chinese massage that re-builds damaged muscle enabling the body to release chronic pain often induced by repetitive strain injury).
For the hardened alternative treatment enthusiasts our team of specialised experts will work with you to create a healthcare solution that is tailored to your needs.
We accept insured private healthcare clients.

Traditional Chinese Medicine views disease as result of an imbalance or blockage in the body’s natural energy flow. Such imbalance manifests in physical, emotional and psychosomatic stress related disorders.

Acupuncture .Acupuncture originated in China over 3000 years ago. It has been developing ever since and is presently used as a primary healthcare system throughout the world.

It involves the insertion of very fine needles into active areas of the body known as acu-points and works to regulate the circulatory system, nervous system, hormonal system and myofascial sheets of the body.

All our practitioners are qualified members of the respected British Acupuncture Council.

Tui Na Tui Na massage has been developing in China over many thousands of years. Originally it was intended to attend to martial artists and treat battlefield injuries.

Over the last 2000 years it has developed to also treat common injuries and illness and is used as a primary treatment in Chinese hospitals alongside acupuncture and modern medicine.
Tui Na massage is a wonderful treatment to keep you fit, healthy and on top form. It is also a powerful tool to help recovery from a wide range of physical complaints, such as:
Muscle pains, aches and sprains-Sports injuries-Tendon problems-Frozen shoulder-Repetitive strain-Sciatica-Back pain-Knee problems-Shoulder problems

Guasha , Gua Sha stimulates the immune system, detoxifies and de-acidifies, promotes the circulation, regulates functions and organs, removes blockades and pain, revitalises and regenerates (“life-extension”), diminishes stress, fatigue and burn-out, improves e.g. cures (indirectly) countless (chronic) disorders and complaints, rebalances emotions, relaxes and promotes clarity of mind.

Cupping Cupping therapy uses a vacuum in a glass or plastic cup to create suction on the surface of the body. This draws up the muscles relaxing and releasing them. Cupping can be used to :Decrease or relieve pain and inflammation-Release deep muscular issues-Release and soften scar tissue-Increased range of movement

MoxabustionMoxibustion is the burning of an herb called Mugwort. The herb, or moxa, can take many forms, including cigar-like moxa rolls, raw rice grain size pieces, and compressed smokeless sticks and cones. When burnt its warming nature is useful for helping to expel cold and damp from the body as well as warming the body’s channels. The bitter and acrid aspects of Mugwort help to break stagnation, clear phlegm, and rectify the qi and blood.

We observe a 24-hour appointment cancellation policy. For appointments call: 0207 2535892

LicAc,Bsc(Hons),Dip TuiNa,BCMa, BAcC.

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Acupuncture, Beauty Therapy, Chinese Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Cupping, Herbalists, Natural Fertility Management, Sports Injury Therapy, Stone Therapy Massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Weight Loss

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