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Two Nine O Five Pain Relief Clinic

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At Two Nine O Five, we specialise in manual body work utilising myofascial and trigger point release, visceral manipulation, cranio sacral therapy and osteopathy for the treatment of chronic pain conditions and post traumatic stress. With that aim in mind, we've put together our website to promote a range of services which we hope will help you in your search for better health and pain relief.

Contact NameSue Perry
AddressSt Mary's House
40 London Road
Newbury RG14 1 LA
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Pain conditions

Pain can be caused by trauma, accidents, bad posture, repetitive strain injuries, scar tissue adhesions (post operative scar tissue can build up and cause stress in other parts of the body in seemingly unrelated areas) sporting injuries and general wear and tear.

At Two Nine O Five, our aim is to help you alleviate your pain conditions by offering you a choice of treatments to suit your needs. We work closely with osteopaths and other therapists who specialise in myofascial and trigger point release, cranio sacral therapy, acupuncture, nutrition, counselling, cognitive therapy and psychotherapy. We look at the treatment as a whole package including lifestyle changes to help keep things in balance.

How we can help you with Myofascial, visceral, trigger point release and cranio sacral therapy

Myofascial and visceral manipulation, trigger point release and cranio sacral therapy can aid in the relief of:

Migraines and headaches
Frozen shoulder
Back pain
Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia
Hand, wrist and arm pain - burning, tingling and weakness
Myofascial pain syndrome
Undiagnosed chronic pain conditions
Plantar fasciitis
Achilles tendonitis
Jaw problems
Women's health
Men's health

Myofascial, trigger point and cranio sacral therapy is available in Newbury by Sue Perry. Sue is an advanced Myofascial thereapist and uses Myofascial and visceral release, trigger point therapy (NMT) and cranio sacral therapy in her work gained through advanced manual body work study in Australia, Jing Advanced Massage Academy in Brighton, John Upledger Institute (Cranio sacral therapy) John Barnes Myofascial release (Sedona, Arizona) and the Jean Pierre Barral Institute (Visceral manipulation). She is also a member of the British Medical Complimentary Therapists Association.


It's not an exaggeration to say that coming to see Sue has changed my life. I have suffered with unbearable pain, numbness and weakness in my arms, back, feet chest and neck for over 13 years until coming by way of recommendation to see Sue.

My diagnosis' from GPs and specialists have included RSI, carpel tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, fibromyalgia, ME, stress and most recently Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, I have had countless tests and X-rays at hospitals, I have been given painful physio over several years until finally I was told that there was no cure apart from having a rib removed (which only had a 50% success rate) and I should give up my career because of the keyboard use.

During this time I had to give up work for 18 months, couldn't drive, pick up shopping, get dressed on my own because I had no grip and was unable to stretch my arms or neck. I became quite depressed especially because the pain made it difficult for me to get to sleep and woke me up. I used alcohol and pain killers to get me through the worst times.

Eventually I changed my job which meant a big pay cut and accepted that I was made differently from most people and that I just had to try and manage this condition.
I was told about Sue from someone who she had successfully treated and although I thought it might be nice if she could help me, I really didn't hold out much hope as previously massage had been too painful to benefit from.

The first time I met Sue I felt I could have cried with relief. She took one look at me and identified all the trigger points in my body and more importantly said it was all curable. I hadn't heard of any of the terms she used to describe what the problem was, but after just one treatment I was out of pain. The proof was also shown to me in that my packets of pain killers were still unused when I went back the following week. I have now had 6 sessions (the first session I was so sensitive that Sue could only lightly touch some parts of me) and I am doing things that I haven't been able to do for years.

I can now hold a phone for more than 5 mins, blowdry my hair, drive for more than 30 mins, pick up my neice, walk for more than 1 hour, carry my own shopping - all normal things that have been unthinkable until now. As I can now use a keyboard my career opportunites have now hugely increased and I am planning a big change this year. I have found there are some things that I can for myself at home to continue with the progress including buying a bra that fits!!

On my recommendation my daughter, Mum and sister are now having treatment from Sue and I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone especially those who have given up hope!

Thanks Sue!

From Julia

Advanced clinical massage - Jing Academy, UK Clinical sports therapy - Jing Academy UK Advanced myofascial and integrative fascial release, John Barnes Institute - Arizona; Robert Schleip - Germany; Stephen Goldstein - London Visceral manipulation - Jean Pierre Barral Institute - London Cranio Sacral Therapy - John Upledger UK Women's health - Myofascial UK - Nancy Stewart and Jean Pierre Barral Institute Visceral manipulation - Barral Institute UK

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