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Transformational Body Work

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Linda is a Cranio Sacral Therapist, Certified Zero Balancer, Kinesiologist, Counsellor and body worker, who draws on a wide range of modalities and experience to help solve those unsolvable things, and support you in growth and healing

Contact NameLinda Rodgers
AddressHigh House,
Church Hill
Eye IP21 5AT
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Whatever the symptom or 'problem' - Health is always available - together we listen, and find the way through to wholeness and wellbeing

A place and time for you to be really fully met - in your joy, your pain, your trouble and your growth.

Discover the healing of being fully seen in your truth, with a whole heart, skillful healing hands and absolute belief in the full beauty of who you are.

Learn to listen to your body and free yourself from pain and fear - and live fully in your truth

Identify and release the stress - whatever and wherever it is - and free up your energy to live to the full


You may seek time with me for many different reasons - you may have a bad back, a sore knee, an irritable bowel - however you feel impacted by life, my purpose is to listen to you, your body and your story. With my with my hands and with my heart as well as my ears. Often really listening and acknowledging how we truly feel is all that is needed to begin the change into wellness. And out of this wholeness of listening, my purpose is to support you in finding wellness, to understand the life lessons behind the symptoms and to come in to being the best you can be.

You may be well on your journey of unfoldment, self discovery and growth - or you may be just beginning to feel the yearning for something more. Our bodies know, hold and tell about our life journey, and being fully present to what is puts us "in gear" with the Universe - helps us release what no longer serves us - pain, disfunction, sickness - or attitudes, beliefs and limitations - and to move forwards in being our true whole selves.

You may be functioning pretty well, but 'stressed out'
You may have "tried everything" to no avail -
You may feel that you are never really listened to
You may be in physical, emotional or spiritual pain
You may be deeply traumatised from accident, injury, abuse ...
You may be happily and joyfully living your life - and recognise the benefits of being held and witnessed in your growth

Whatever your story - my purpose is to fully meet you and help you heal and grow

And if you are at the end of your life, and seek to die in wholeness and love - I am here to be present with you, to be in stillness and in love and to support you beyond pain and fear, in being whole.

About Me

"Helping people be fully in their bodies and turn on the light"

I began training in Psychotherapy in 1979 - and about half way through realised I just needed to get my hands on people and help the body to release held in emotion and patterns. I began training in Kinesiology.

Over the years, I have trained in many branches of Kinesiology, coming to see the discipline of muscle testing and acupuncture points as a language with which to communicate with our bodies on a level that our minds can't reach. I have been particularly drawn to the Five Elements practice of Acupressure, which works with the natural cycles of the earth we live on. This really helped me to make the connections between the way we live our lives and what our bodies express and hold on to - how we hold on to stuff, which causes us pain, and has us retreating from being here and present in ourselves.

I am particularly interested in how our body "problems" impact our lives (and vice-versa), and getting beneath the fears that keep us in 'survival' mode, and prevent us from living our true potential.

Along the way I realised that we are impacted by more than this life - and trained in Esoteric Healing, which helps address those Karmic issues that come in with us. This also led me into extracting Astral entities, and helping with clearing unwelcome presences from people and places.

Deepening understanding of Health and and how Health manifests in us led me to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy - the "Creme de la Creme" of treatments, which works with the deep subtle rhythms that underlie all of life, helping us to return to the subtle fluid and tissue motions of the nervous system and cranial bones, which are essential for life and wellbeing - and to Zero Balancing - both of which come out of Osteopathy, and as such work with our bones, our fluidic nature and above all study and apply the laws of the natural world as they apply to us humans.

"We need to understand that God, Nature and Man are a single event" (James Jealous D.O.)

I support all this work with Flower remedies, Counselling and loving presence.

Treatments available ...

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy - gentle and powerful - working with the deep cycles of subtle rhythmic motion which is present in all of life, and supporting the body's natural tendency towards health and balance. Accidents, injury, (emotional and physical) stresses and toxicity may affect the expression of these deep rhythms, and can lead to a wide range of health problems. Identifying areas of stress and congestion, and helping to restore this deep subtle motion can resolve stress and trauma so allowing our natural health to shine through.

Zero Balancing - Gentle, hands-on whole-body work using deep essential touch to address the relationship between energy and structure within the body. The work is gentle to receive but potentially very powerful in effect, capable of helping a wide range of people at many different levels. Finger pressure and held stretches are focused on the bones and joints so as to create repeated points of stillness around which the body can relax and reorganise.

Touch For Health - the 'grass roots' of Kinesiology - learn this wonderful, simple system and help re-balance yourself, your family and your friends

Creative Kinesiology - life tracking, looking at our Soul's journey and what stops us, what frees us! Draws on techniques from many disciplines to help us find freedom and growth

Neural Organisation Technique - working through Kinesiology and Acupressure, with the neurological survival systems of Flight/Fight/Freeze, the Immune system, the Reproductive system and the Digestive/Feeding system, how these are all impacted by fears, anxieties and trauma - and how to get it all working again. Brilliant for IBS, fertility issues, trauma, bad backs stiff necks and jaws, whiplash - and moving on from being stuck

Sacred Esoteric Healing - stillness and presence in the Soul - helping to release the karmic imprints held in our cells and that run our lives, releasing astral or energetic entities - often the underlying issues behind many of the illnesses that manifest today

Applied Physiology - deeper work in the muscles, acupuncture and chakra energy systems - getting our bodies connected, all our different parts talking to each other - helping to become whole - identifying and releasing stress from all over the body/mind

LEAP - using muscle feedback and specific acupressure points to identify and release the stresses in the brain that keep us from our full potential, helping us to maintain full brain integration even through stressful times.

Flower Essences - vibrational medicine to support changes - works brilliantly with bodywork, attitude changes and changing our beliefs

Custom made lotions and potions

Arnica and Aloe massage treatment lotion . Personalised Rose and passionflower oil facial serum - with flower essences chosen especially for you . Face creams with a personal selection of essential oils and flower essences . all organic beeswax and calendula with carrot/passionflower/ wheatgerm/pomegranate oil lip balms . Calendula creams and ointments with a personal selection of oils and flower essences . Ever wanted the exactly right perfume for you? Muscle feedback chooses a selection of essential oils and flower essences to make your perfect perfume


Highest quality nutritional supplements through Lamberts, Biocare, Nutri and Safe Remedies - choose through nutritional questionnaire and muscle feedback the supplements that are just right for you

Call for a chat -

I'm happy to talk through how we might work together, and how any of these modalities or a combination of them could help resolve your difficulties or support your unfolding journey - call me on 01379 668776 - and if I can't answer right then - leave me your number, and I'll call you back

The sooner you call, the sooner we begin the process of getting you back to best - and better!
Bring a print-out of this page with you to get your first session at half price :-)

Book a session -
I work from my home in Hoxne, North Suffolk, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays - call 01379 668776 for an appointment

Live in the city?
I am in Norwich on Tuesdays and Thursdays - call me on the number above or through '153' on 01603 473935.

In Norwich we offer a 'triage' - with Raffaele Zuppardi and Anita Smith - where we support your recovery and empowerment together as appropriate with hypnotherapy, Human Givens counselling and Family Mediation.

Want to know more?

Have a look at
many pages on Flower Essences - go google!



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