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Free 1 hour consultation for all Psychotherapy clients. Covering Cornwall

Contact NameColette Hartgill
St. Agnes
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Welcome to
The Lightworks

Light Within, created by Colette Hartgill offers a range of therapies to address the whole psycho spiritual ‘being’.

Colette currently offers personal psychotherapy, meditation classes and Reiki healing and Chakra work. All of these can be undertaken by anyone, regardless of age, gender or spiritual belief. It is never too late to start and Colette promotes a practical emphasis, looking at techniques that can be incorporated into busy everyday lives.

About Collette

Colette has been actively pursuing self development since her early teens and has a particular interest in the relationship between the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of the self.

She has completed a diploma in meditation, mindfulness and relaxation and practices regularly in various traditions. The practice of meditation has become an important and integral part of her daily life and provides a grounded space from which to explore and expand consciousness and now to integrate that into the practical matter of everyday living.

Colette is studying for an MA in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy which is a branch of psychology that encourages reflective meditation. It embraces the spiritual without losing the importance of being firmly grounded in our immediate environment and experience. The focus is on the psychospiritual ‘being’.

Colette is a registered trainee therapist with the UKCP, a member of APP and her practice is supervised by the Institute of Psychosynthesis, London.

Colette currently lives in Cornwall with her family and has a practice in St Agnes. For those living outside of Cornwall, Colette can offer therapy by Skype.


Are you experiencing...
  • Yearning for personal fulfilment,
  • A hunger for spirituality or deeper meaning,
  • Questioning the purpose of life/your life’s purpose?
  • Feelings of emptiness and meaningless,
  • Depression/anxiety/stress,
  • Disillusionment with relationships and family,
  • Loss of values,

Psychosynthesis is a gentle and profound psychotherapy well suited to guiding those undergoing such an intense part of their personal journey. It treats the whole psychospiritual being not just the personality.

It is deeply beneficial and soothing to those undergoing an intense or difficult part of their personal journey. Dealing with a life crisis, a crisis of meaning, trauma or transitional period can bring a deep level of suffereing as we try to make sense of what is happening. Psychosynthesis psychotherapy can bring healing and new meaning as we learn to bring more conscious awareness into our lives.

It is also suitable for those who simply sense that there could be more to life and wish to access deeper reservoirs of untapped potential by connecting with their authentic Self.

Psychosynthesis psychotherapy draws on a myriad of ideas and techniques that foster personal and spiritual growth. Often as we undergo change, there are opportunities to find deeper meaning and purpose in our lives. One to one therapy provides a safe nurturing space to work with both the darkness and emerging light in our lives.

Starting Therapy

It is a good idea to book a single session in order to meet Colette and learn a little bit more about the process and whether it feels right for you. From there, if you want to go ahead, it is usual to commit to a minimum of six sessions after which there would be a review. Sessions take place on a weekly basis. The overall length of being in therapy varies for each individual and could be anything from a few months to a couple of years. The important thing to remember is that it is about you and your journey and that Colette is there to help facilitate that.


In our busy lives we are most often in a state of doing, moving from one job or activity to the next. We are constantly bombarded with information. Our minds are usually full to overflowing with thoughts. Even when we are alone or preparing to sleep, our minds are often still busy with thoughts. Over time we get caught up in our thoughts and their emotional counterparts letting them sweep us off into worry, anxiety, daydreaming, memories and planning. When this is happening we are not really experiencing the present moment. We are literally not present. Practising Mindfulness helps to bring us back to the present moment where we can experience our thoughts, emotions , judgements, beliefs, perceptions and opinions without becoming tangled up in them. This gives us the freedom to respond rather than react.

Meditation is a powerful tool in creating a space where we can reconnect with our inner consciousness thus discovering the tranquillity, happiness and compassion that we all desire. Peace, wisdom and openheartedness are born of a clear mind and receptive heart.

With physical Relaxation comes mental calmness. By learning how to identify tension in our bodies and techniques to release it, we gain another powerful tool to deal with stress. The more aware we become of our patterns of muscular tension, the quicker we are able to relieve them, simultaneously relaxing our minds.

Self-inquiry is the process by which we move towards self-realisation or self awareness. Visual and guided meditations, reflections and themed contemplations can aid greatly in helping us connect with our intuition and wisdom. It is useful to keep a journal of insights so that you can chart your own personal journey into greater consciousness.

One to one tuition

Colette is currently offering one to one teaching sessions. Sessions are 1hr long and cost £35/£20 concessions. Sessions can also be arranged for small groups of up to three people.


“There is nothing to do other than rest in the power that knows the way” , Robert Adams, contemporary mystic.

Reiki is an ancient hands on-healing technique by which universal life energy is passed from one person to another. Colette has had the privilege of receiving her training from Tanmaya Honervogt who trained with one of the few masters initiated by Hawayo Takata, who introduced Reiki to the Western World in the 1930’s.

Reiki is restorative, balancing energy and enhancing well being. It can be used to heal physical ailments, to combat stress as well as to heal the emotional, mental and spiritual issues that we all inevitably face as human beings. Reiki offers a beautiful space for deep relaxation and healing.

Reiki is a non-intrusive therapy as its energy will pass through clothing.

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