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The Body Matters

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The Body Matters was established in 2008. We are a specialist treatment centre whose therapists focus on the health and well being of their clients. We are also a Sports Injury Clinic. Treatments include Massage, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy.

Contact NameThe Body Matters
Address11 Ashleigh Drive
Leigh-On-Sea SS9 1AD
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Louise created The Body Matters formed on the desire to open a specialised Mind, Body and Wellness centre in the Southend area, offering treatment to people from all walks of life and age groups.

Louise hasn’t always been a massage therapist.  In a former life she trained and worked in IT, until an emotionally challenging year led her to seek clinical hypnotherapy.

During her treatment Louise began to discover her own passion for wellbeing, and in 2003 she qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist herself.  But that wasn’t quite enough!

An accomplished runner who has previously completed six marathons, Louise developed a strong interest in achieving a blissful balance between body and mind during her hypnotherapy training. She obtained additional qualifications as a sports massage therapist and personal trainer, before gaining essential experience at an established Essex clinic.

Coupled with her understanding and intuitive approach, Louise’s unique blend of skills means she is able to offer her clients far more than just a sports massage.  There is no music in her therapy room, because she loves nothing more than talking to her clients, getting to the heart of inner tension and stress as well as relieving aching muscles (though she doesn’t mind at all if you’d rather not talk!).

Louise’s treatments are completely bespoke to each client, because she recognises that every person is different.  She is also able to recommend complementary treatments including yoga and pilates, if she feels her clients will benefit from them, and as long as the practitioners meet her own precise standards.


Matthew graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine with a Masters Degree in Osteopathy and Diplomas in both Osteopathy and Naturopathy. The degree included modules in Nutrition, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics, Visceral Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy and a broad range of Osteopathic techniques.

Matthew’s post graduate education has incorporated the clinical applications of Medical Acupuncture (also known as Dry Needling), Kinesio-Taping and Low Level Laser Therapy.

Since 2011 Matthew has been a Technique Tutor, Physiology Lecturer and Clinic Supervisor at the British College Of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) where he himself trained.

Early clinical experience was gained at a specialist Osteopathic clinic in Hampstead serving approximately 50 GP surgeries in the Camden PCT (Primary Care Trust). The diversity of NHS referrals offered a fantastic insight into how manual therapy can improve people’s lives and offer relief from pain, even for those who felt their symptoms would never resolve.

Following his time in Hampstead Matthew took the opportunity to help patients referred from the Chronic Pain Clinic of the Royal Free Hospital. These patients generally had multiple factors involved in their symptoms, and had little or no relief from conventional medicine.

Matthew was the Osteopath for Westcliff Rugby Club (2012/13 season) working with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams as well as the extremely successful Academy sides where he gained vast experience in dealing with sporting injuries, both on the field and rehabilitation. Matthew’s involvement in Rugby followed a period of volunteer work with St John Ambulance.

Through The Body Matters’ close relationship with Havens Hospices, Matthew has also been volunteering his time to the fund raisers who have run the London Marathon each year since 2012, several of whom consider they would not have made it to the start line without the expert help and advice.

Matthew believes that the client's needs are of the utmost importance and is committed to meeting those needs by offering an individual, tailor made structure to his treatment plans.


Kieran graduated from the University of Kent with a degree in Sports Therapy in 2012 and has since been working full time in the health and fitness industry. He is always striving to improve his knowledge and skills to aid the treatment/recovery of all the clients he treats.

Kieran’s keen eye for issues or abnormalities in a person’s posture can be a wonderful asset to fixing the pain that you may be experiencing on a daily basis. His main focus revolves around athletes and bringing them back to full fitness: however in the years of practice he has so far, he has also helped with a wide range of problems from neck pain, to carpal tunnel syndrome, to M.E. (Myalgic Encephalopathy) and even depression.

His clinical skillset involves various techniques including MET and STR, two very effective stretching techniques, kinesio-taping, postural re-education, strengthening and conditioning, and sports rehabilitation to return to sport.

Kieran has a particular interest in various sporting activities including Running, Badminton, Golf, Swimming, Cycling, Combat sports and Football. He is constantly reaching in different directions of the sporting world to get first-hand knowledge of every sport.

Kieran has attended multiple events over the years covering a range of activities. Some of these are:

The modern pentathlon world championships
HARP 24 running event, attending every year since 2013
A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu open competition in Southend
Aiding in athletes running the London marathon in multiple therapy events, more recently with the local charity Havens Hospices
Kieran has formed a connection with a well known local runner who aims to make running his profession and decided to sponsor him. Adam Hickey has previously run for team GB at European and world cross country championships, and continues to race in national championship events with a goal to reach the Olympic track event.


Jennie Chew is member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAC) and the Royal society of Medicine (RSM). Her work is inspired by a lifelong belief that the body has within itself, a natural healing ability and that acupuncture works to stimulate this healing process.

Jennie goes by the philosophy ‘Balance is the Master Key to a healthy Life’. Much of Life’s stresses, frustration, anger , etc, causes dis-ease and pain in the body. Acupuncture helps to create the balance by promoting a healthy flow of energy and restoring it to good health.

A Chinese origin, born in Malaysia, Jennie has a deep interest in oriental Medicine and Philosophy, which led her to a lifetime studies in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture(TCM) and healing.
She gained a licentiate in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture from the London College of Traditional Acupuncture in London, finally finishing her studies at Hangzhou TCM Hospital in China to gain further knowledge and work experience. Her work lies in identifying and understanding the individual pattern of imbalances in the body that may cause pain, stress and dis-ease. This helps her to create individual treatment plans and treatments to help each person regain their balance and restore health.

Jennie has worked with a wide range of ailments from physical problems like frozen shoulders, back problems to emotional disorders like stress, depression, bereavement, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and chronic fatique. She has a specific interest in resolving muscular problems and facial acupuncture.

Jennie has also worked with cancer patients, and patients with neurological disorders when she was a volunteer at St Joseph’s Hospice.

Jennie qualified as an Aromatherapist and Massage Therapies with the Tisserand Instittue of Aromatherapy. Where necessary, she combines treatments with Acupuncture and Massage for a more positive effect. She is also qualified in Indian Head Massage, Chinese Face Massage and trained with the London School of Sports massage.

Motivated by her challenge for positive result in her treatments, she is inspired to constantly updating her skills and knowledge with post graduate courses.

Jennie recently added Manual Lymphatic Drainage to her existing skills, due to an increasing number of people suffering from Lymphoedema. She is a graduate at the Klose Training clinic in Hinterzarten, Germany, where Lymphoedema patients from all over the world, are treated.
During an Acupuncture treatment with Jennie you will get the best from her knowledge and skills using a unique mix of Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture.

Jennie believes that Acupuncture can help her patients achieve optimum health and one of the main feedbacks she is receiving from the patients is that they notice an increase in wellbeing after an acupuncture treatment.


Jonathan Gibbs is a counsellor, hypnotherapist and BrainWorking Recursive Therapy Advanced Practitioner.

Jonathan has a background in teaching.  He worked as a Teacher of English as a Foreign language for four years in Japan – mostly in Hiroshima, and now teaches GCSE and A level Economics at both a local school and privately.  It was his interest in people and society that led to him getting a degree in Economics and later an MA in Social Anthropology. Jonathan qualified as a Counsellor in 2008.

Since moving to Essex in 2002, Jonathan has been a volunteer at several local organisations.  He has been a Samaritan volunteer and more recently has been a volunteer counsellor at Havens hospice.  Jonathan has also volunteered as a counsellor at Chelmsford and District Mind and has given talks on the benefits of Hypnotherapy at the Macmillan Cancer Support centre in Southend University Hospital.


Stacy is an accredited and supportive health coach who offers an individually tailored, functional medicine-led approach that inspires dramatic improvements in health and wellbeing.

A Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, an Accredited Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner, and a Reiki Practitioner, Stacy is also qualified in sports nutrition.  She works collaboratively with people who suffer from ongoing health issues, such as stress, exhaustion and insomnia, using a personalised approach that includes laboratory testing and detailed research.

A firm believer that everybody deserves to be in the best possible health: Stacy defines health as feeling really vibrant, having energy and physical ability to move comfortably.  Stacy’s encouraging methods are designed to facilitate just that: there are many opportunities available to each of us to improve our health.  

Inspired by her own journey towards good health, she works best with people who are fully committed to making permanent lifestyle changes.  Harnessing the holistic principles of functional medicine to discover and address the root cause of health-based concerns, Stacy is able to educate her clients in regaining control of their wellbeing.

Stacy is qualified in a range of accredited health methods, including the Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as Tapping) and Reiki, which are proven to relieve both physical and emotional pain. Her supportive approach often complements medical diagnoses and traditional medication and begins with insightful questions that are designed to help identify specific issues.  


Kristin is a certified Pilates Teacher, Specialist Biomechanic Coach, Remedial and Clinical Massage Therapist and NLP Practitioner. Recognising cause and effect between body and mind, Kristin has merged all her therapies into one empowering Movement Therapy, that reconnects you with your body practically, mentally and emotionally, allowing you to move forward with your life, healthily, confident and content with who you are.


Soon after Kristin qualified as a pilates teacher and personal trainer in 2010, she realised that people and their bodies are all uniquely different, and their limitations and injuries intriguingly complex. Wanting to understand more, she gained further qualifications in clinical massage and biomechanics coaching. Following this she began working as a tutor for anatomy and advanced repertoire on Intelligent Fitness' pilates teacher training course in Scotland.

In 2014 Kristin signed up for more in-depth training with Polestar Pilates UK and anatomy and movement specialist Gary Carter in London. Here she studied pilates and movement in a more somatic and experimental way, based on biomechanics and neuro-science. The intense two year training process helped eliminate her chronic shoulder impingement, rehabilitated a back injury, and it allowed her to discover effortlessness in advanced exercises she previously found challenging. She became more aware of her relationship with her own body and her movement habits. As a result she learned a lot about herself as a person and issues that had been holding her back in life.

Having experienced what role neuro-science and emotional states play in our physiology Kristin decided to study neuro-linguistic programming. She qualified as an NLP Practitioner in order to help her clients address physical issues on a mental level and vice versa. Out of this Kristin's Movement Therapy & Coaching was born.

In September 2017 Kristin was invited to enter the Polestar Pilates mentorship training program in order to become part of the Polestar Pilates Education Team. Having taken the opportunity Kristin recently moved to Southend. Here she continues to teach pilates in the form of mat classes and 1-1 sessions, using the pilates apparatus. She further offers Massage and NLP separately, or as part of her all incorporating Movement Therapy.



Yeu-Meng is a qualified Feldenkrais practitioner and classical concert pianist.  Her musical career was threatened by debilitating chronic pain and fibromyalgia caused by hypermobile syndrome.  Through the Feldenkrais Method, she was able to manage her condition totally drug-free and has now returned to playing the piano as well as working as a Feldenkrais practitioner. She is passionate about empowering people, giving them tools to help themselves and encouraging positive change from within.

After trying all sorts of therapies to deal with her chronic pain condition, Yeu-Meng attended a Feldenkrais workshop on the recommendation of a friend. After the workshop, she managed to walk for the first time without pain.  The situation was not a quick fix but provided a light at the end of the tunnel.  Inspired by the effects of the work, she signed up for a few individual sessions and then decided to enroll for the four-year professional training.

The Feldenkrais Method can be experienced in classes as well as in one-to-one sessions.  Yeu-Meng teaches weekly Feldenkrais classes in London, monthly workshops in South Essex and has private clients in both locations.   Her clientele includes people suffering from chronic pain, anxiety and depression, and people with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and motor neuron disease.  She also works with musicians, actors, dancers and sports people to help them improve their performance.

Yeu-Meng is currently the only Feldenkrais Guild UK (FGUK) registered practitioner in Essex.

Louise Johnson: MAPHP (Acc.) Dip Sports Massage Matthew Oliver M.Ost DO ND. Osteopath Kieran Mote Sports Therapist. BSC Jennie Chew: Acupuncturist, BSc(Hons), LicAc Jonathan Gibbs MBBRS, MIBWRT (A.P.), MAPHP Stacy Marx FDN-P Kristin Loeer Yeu-Meng Chan MA OXON, DIP RAM, ARCM, LRSM, GCFP

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