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The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Contact NameKathy Yvanovich
AddressCasino Avenue
117 CASINO Avenue
Herne Hill, Southwark
South East London SE24 9PP
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NLP, Life Coaching, Psych-K(r), Reiki healing & Reiki courses, Personal Fitness Training & Diet & healthy lifestyle guidance



Personal, physical, emotional, relationships, life purpose and career...

If you had a magic wand, how would you use it to change your life?

  • honour your spiritual side, stay grounded, let go of ego
  • live authentically, follow your dreams
  • achieve limitless potential, trust the universe
  • good skin, fit body, great health & fitness, natural diet
  • energy, relaxation, enough sleep
  • abundance of good things, positivity
  • beautiful surroundings
  • resolve problems easily
  • stop bad habits and bad thoughts
  • let go of negative ways and past memories, forgive more easily
  • heal yourself in myriad ways, help friends and family
  • work-life balance, career progress
  • relationships, happiness
  • confidence, walk your talk, feel successful
  • enjoy hobbies, feel happy with the way your life's evolving as well as
    Now, the present.
  • overcome nerves, make enigmatic presentations, meet people easily
  • achieve sporting success, dance like a natural
  • increase love for yourself and all living things

    Enjoy fantastic health and fitness, more energy and abundance, live in beautiful surroundings, resolve problems easily, heal yourself in myriad ways, help your friends and famiily more..?

    Do you want to improve your health, career, fitness, energy levels, work-life balance, relationships, happiness, realise some hobbies, feel happy with the way your life's evolving as well as Now, the present. At work, would you like to overcome nerves, make enigmatic presentations; on the football field or dance studio, do you want to achieve a particular goal?

    Talking confidentially to someone unbiased and non-judgemental does help. Together, we'll sort out personal dilemnas, honour your values, prioritise your wellbeing and get the results you want. Feel better already, right?

    I have patience, empathy, kindness and bags of energetic enthusiasm for You and your choices.

    Sessions are a safe haven to focus on your true, authentic, spiritual and grounded self. You'll get things done more easily. You'll walk your talk, remember your power, confidence, motivation, as well as enjoy better health, energy, vitality, joy and love. Overcome fears, feel acknowledged, get over "stuff", enjoy living int he moment, be excited about the future and life's just better all round.

    ...Because you're worth it! (even if sometimes you don't think so)

    THE MIND: Life Coaching, NLP, Psych-K(r)

    Have you ever wondered why achieving some goals just didn't satisfy you? Tried and tried yet failed and wondered what went wrong?

    I believe that you are your own expert. You have access to the solutions, resources and answers to your wishes and dilemnas. I'll listen, ask you powerful questions, you'll process your own solutions, organise and set your own plans. You'll increase your EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE too.

    Stop smoking, stop over-eating, stop drinking dangerous amounts of alcohol, stop procrastinating/stressing, overcome challenges. You'll reprogramme negative thoughts and behaviours and uncomfortable emotions into posititive, useful thoughts and behaviours and comfortable emotions.

    We have a conscious mind, deep subconscious, unconscious mind, heart and gut brains, a higher self: you'll marry your whole being with your revised goals, thought and action and get results sometimes better than you expected.

    We work together, rather than me advising/telling you what to do.

    Using Neuro Linguistic Programming to change the way you think and feel, success will feel certain. PSYCH-K(r) changes what you would like to believe into knowingly Believing it, with the permission of your unconscious mind and your higher self. EFT for emotional freedom from discomfort. You will securely integrate powerful Mind-Body changes at a deep cellular level. Pain-free, natural, scientific, everlasting!

    Contact me with your Wish List and let's make things happen!

    Kathy has inspired me to change my view of myself by 180 degrees. Following two motivational sessions with her and a lovely Reiki session, I have improved my eating habits, my sleeping habits, I've given up smoking (for good!) and I'm exercising regularly. I feel so positive and in control of myself and that is an amazing turnaround. Kathy's approach is totally encouraging and supportive and completely non-judgmental. Jump in with Kathy where you are and she'll inspire you too. I've just started her brand
    new Zumba classes which is great fun. It took me two hours to cool down but it was a happy glow that I felt :)"
    Patricia, Teacher, 2010

    "I contacted Kathy after a very difficult time in my personal life, a sudden and violent loss of a close family member,
    when I felt extremely helpless and down. *My goal* was to regain a sense of control over my life, my emotions and my energy levels, and Kathy really helped. Kathy helped me to think about who I was, underneath the sadness, and who I wanted to be. Kathy also helped me to start taking control and move towards that person I used to be, and wanted to be again. It is now 6
    months later and *I feel so much more myself, stronger, and more able to look forward
    R, Management Consultant

    What did you do to me?! I've reduced my (5 hours a day) TV watching habit by 50% to an "in control" 2 and-a-half hours a day, am more selective and enjoy it more." L, Administrator

    THE BODY: Fitness, Food and Health

    Our health is the foundation of our lives.
    Our minds and bodies are linked
    and can create health - or disease.

    Using your powerful minds, you'll find it easier to exercise, eat and drink right for your Body's goal - shed fat, make muscle, stretch, rebuild, sleep better, have clearer skin, stop bad habits, avoid illness, manage your weight, avoid colds, drink adequate water or run a marathon... You name it - let's do it!

    The 5 S's of Fitness are Strength, Speed, Specificity, Suppleness and Skill.

    Do you need to improve any of the above or simply get fit, lose some weight? What could you do with more energy, sleep, being more agile, balanced, with better co-ordination, muscle tone, body confidence and presence? Perhaps you want to relax more, meditate, stand taller, dance like you're on "Strictly.."?

    Well, one of my jobs is to make it fun, safe and appropriate for you. Along with effective movement (exercise, games, dance) to suit your improving abilities and taste, you could enjoy techniques taken from yoga, Feldenkreis, T'ai chi, pilates, kick-boxing, dance or learn some Zumba routines! If you've been injured I'll make sure we include your physio's rehab exercises. You could lift weights, pull giant rubber bands, jump on a rebounder like Kathy Bates in the film "Fried Green Tomatoes", get ski-fit, step up and down and sideways, use a Swiss ball, Chi ball, endure military style circuits, HIIT (high intensity interval) training, visualise and rehearse an upcoming physical challenge and embed it's success in your muscles and psyche. You'll learn ways to fit exercise or stretch into your working day at your desk, for example, using the loo on another floor, talking on the phone standing up. Let's brainstorm ideas for the times when you're not with me.

    You are what you think you are and you are what you eat...

    ...and one influences the other. You're more likely to eat what's good for you and learn what is good or bad if your whole being is attuned and ready to change. If you write a food diary for 10 days and record your energy levels and feelings alongside it, show and tell me your findings and we'll take it from there. I advocate natural raw and cooked food, that's easy to digest, nourising, healing and energising, to realistically suit your palate and lifestyle. Everyone is different.

    I specialise in fat loss, the demotivated, over-40s and those wanting to look really good for an upcoming premier event. As a mature personal fitness trainer (50+), I especially welcome mature clients!
    Based in Herne Hill South London and Surrey (1-to-1 and groups) and occasionally in sunny Cote d'Azur, France. Prices average £55-£60 per session, plus travel time if you're out of my area of London SE24, SE21, SE22, SE23, SE15.

    Tell me how you'd like your ideal BODY to be, what you want and don't want, your lifestyle and plans, and I'll help you keep on track with exercise, good nutrition and your best outcome in mind.

    Thank you for your ongoing support, I sometimes tell myself that my questions are just trivial but working on them with you has prevented a lot of negative self-talk from draining my energy. Wanted to let you know you are 100% natural goodness for people who want results."Jai, Presenter/Personal Trainer/NLP Master/Confidence Coach

    Kathy is an inspirational personal trainer. She gets the balance right between carrot and stick - getting you to work out longer and further than you'd perhaps imagine you could, to maximise the benefits." - David Whistance

    The remarkable thing about Kathy's personal training sessions was how adaptable she was. When I was a pregnant mother, with a toddler, she would alter the class depending on whether we needed to be quiet for the sleeping child or outside. She was careful to monitor my changing needs as my pregnancy progressed, keeping me wonderfully, but safely, fit throughout.
    She even had me using my children as weights to lift! We both really miss her now we are no longer in London."

    "I feel in great shape. I have lost a stone and a half in two months. I feel better than ever and much more motivated in my work. Well worth the money and effort." David, 30's, IT Consultant, formerly with the Territorial Army 

    REIKI healing energy treatments & self-healing courses

    N E W !! Reiki 1 (First Degree) Courses and Attunements:

    London SE24 :
    Reiki 1, Saturday 9th May 11am-5pm and Sunday 10th May 11am-3pm £130.

    Grasse, Cote d'Azur France :
    Reiki 1, Tuesday 2 June, Weds.3 June 10am-3pm;
    Reiki 1, Saturday 6 June 10.30am-5.30pm, Sunday 7 June 10.30am-1.30pm
    £150 adults, £130 under-16s.

    Adults and children over 12 can attend Reiki 1 Courses. (Younger, by arrangement)

    10 minute Reiki at Lambeth Country Fair (Brixton Therapy Stand). A man returned 4 hours later to say "It was better than Class A drugs" (he was on methodone). Could this be my best Testimonial yet?!!

    'Lily' came to me for Reiki following receiving this letter from Lead/Nurse Colposcopist dated 12 May 2010: "We have now received your result following your visit to the Colposcopy clinic on 11 March 2010. The repeat cervical smear has again shown a minor abnormality called mild dyskaryosis.."After regular Reiki treatments every few weeks, 'Lily' showed me the following good news letter from the same Lead/Nurse dated 21/9/10: "Following your visit to the Colposcopy Clinic on 10th September 1020, we
    are pleased to inform you that your smear was normal."'Lily' told me that the only change she made in her lifestyle was having Reiki treatments.*

    My mother's knee was swollen to twice the size of her other knee, and she was in pain. Gave 1 Reiki treatment before bedtime; the next day she complained that she'd been to the loo alot during the night - that was the water draining from her knee! 2 days later, I gave 15minutes Reiki and she later texted: "My knee feels good, even last night." The following day, she texted: "My knee has dimples instead of a big bulbous knee!!! Not much pain and am not taking paracetemol. Thanks again for the Reiki and I hope
    you can do it long-distance."* *I have since sent her Distant Reiki (from my desk in London to her home in
    France) with much success.*

    Reiki is a gentle, simple, powerful healing treatment to make you feel better, process thoughts more rapidly, heal emotionally and physically faster, relax, rejuvenate your spirits and enjoy feelings of inner peace.

    Reiki always works for a person's highest good. It is a wholly natural energy, from the source.

    Our planet gives us a frequency of Life Force Energy - Ki/Chi/Prana - that is healing and invigorating. We receive energy from the food we eat, air, earth, rocks and sea, plants and living creatures, the sun and moon. We are more than our bodies: we have an energy body as well as a physical body (aura, meridians, chakras). The energy that is in and around our bodies is in everything - it supports life. Everything is energy and all energy has a frequency that vibrates at its own or varying levels: colours of food, sounds in music, light, solids, all have specific frequencies of energy.

    Reiki's high vibrational Ki balances your chakras (body's energy centres), clears blockages on meridians, cleanses the aura, so that ki/universal life force energy flows unimpeded through your body. 3 treatments recommended, or regular monthly/fortnightly, or take a Course to learn how to heal yourself.

    Reiki deals with the cause of your problems so that the effects evaporate: it reduces anxiety and pain, improves posture and health, increases peace, self-love and love for all living things. It works through clothes and solid objects and transcends time and space. It is effective from the moment it starts and continues for some time after the treatment. Book 3 full treatments of 60 minutes each; many of my busier Reiki clients have Reiki once a fortnight to top up their energy levels.

    In 2015, I qualified as a Reiki Master Teacher. When you'd like to learn how to give yourself, family and pets healing Reiki treatments, come to one of my a 2-day Reiki courses (with follow-up). Courses in London SE24 and near Grasse, South of France (enjoy the pool and jacuzzi too!).
    Available for all including children age 10+ (and their parent/guardian).
    Once attuned to Reiki, it's with you for your whole lifetime.


    Reiki, NLP, Psych-K, Life Coaching, Personal Fitness, Meditation, Mindfulness and Wellbeing in Grasse StJacques, French Riviera

    Holistic wellbeing in Grasse St Jacques 10km from Cannes, with Kathy The Mind Body and Soul Coach

    Hello, I'm Kathy and for over 30 years I've enjoyed helping people realise their health, wellbeing, relationship and lifestyle dreams. I am a Reiki Master and Teacher, and Personal Fitness Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Psych-K(r) Practitioner, Life Coach, and Zumba Gold Instructor. My partner, restaurateur Robert, and I welcome you to Grasse St Jacques, on the French Riviera.

    Reiki means universal life force energy, a high vibrational force that comes to you direct from Source.  I offer treatments, and initiation courses so that you can have the benefits of its self-healing powers for life, evoking feelings of peace, calm, inner strength, love for self and all living things; rejuvenating, it works at cellular levels and all levels of your being, seen and unseen; it is for all humankind.  Or choose to improve your health, ditch a bad habit, get over an issue, or enhance life dreams.  Give yourself a life detox!

    We also offer accommodation at our luxurious ancient French farmhouse, or "mas".  Combine your treatment, course or wellbeing retreat with nutritious food and some or all of the above, as a treat for yourself or a gift for someone you know.

    Your Soul speaks through your health.   Our bodies respond to all thoughts, beliefs and emotions that pass through it.

    How Kathy got here

    I love it when people's dreams come true, don't you? I get excited about their hopes, dreams and goals and so happy when they tell me it's come true and they're enjoying life.

    In my 20's I worked as a modern jazz dance teacher-choreographer. Have you noticed how movement affects mood, and emotional states affect movement? When life was violent, I'd find edgy music and choreograph a powerful and punchy dance routine. (Ditto all other emotional states!) In the 1980's I was "Strictly..." Judge Bruno Tonioli's dance teaching assistant (and more recently I qualified as a Zumba instructor). Past 1-to-1 dance/presentation clients include Paul Young, Mandy Smith, Rick Astley, Bananarama, Robbie Nevil; I choreographed many fashion and hair shows including Maria Grachvogel, Clairol, Cobella Hair, Alan International and Limelight Club London.

    Moving cities after a personal trauma, I trained as an actress (LLAM Hons.) and learnt how to act as if I was someone else. Very Useful! as many Law of Attraction gurus teach us to Act As If, feel the feelings and thereby attract what we want. At a physical theatre course, we learnt how to run drama workshops for ages 4 to 6 year-olds, 7 to 12, and 12 plus. How much childsplay do you allow yourself, by the way?

    Years ago, high stress and the shadow of depression loomed large; a friend suggested the "healers" at the local library. As soon as I received my first session I just knew that I wanted to do that for people, too! When you feel your ego fade away and there's inner peace, self-love and love for all living things, feeling lighter, at one with everything around you... that's what relaxing and energising Reiki treatment can do for you! Sometimes people cry their eyes out but feel much better afterwards. Some experience forgiveness, closure, clarity, security. Reiki always works for a person's highest good. Your chakras (body's energy centres) will become balanced. I'll ask you to sit or lie down comfortably; I will place my hands on or near your body at chakra (energy) points; Reiki treatments usually last an hour although you'd also benefit with shorter treatments. Reiki continues its good work afterwards too. Make 3 appointments (from £40 each) and feel the difference in yourself. You could receive Reiki straight after another session, for half price.

    Training as an Exercise and Gym Instructor was interesting - the music, the often ugly yet necessary movement patterns, different personalities to the dance crowd with most people wanting to "get fit" or "lose weight", willingly or grudgingly. Ring any bells with you? With over 30 years experience teaching exercise, dance and over 10 years as a Personal Trainer, I feel compelled to help you reach your fitness goals!

    When one of my class participants told me that she couldn't stop eating chocolate biscuits, I knew I had to find a way to help. I knew little about training the mind, so I qualified as an NLP Practitioner and after that a Life Coach. NLP they gives you the tools to feel good when you previously felt discomfort, understand and recognise what motivates you. Life Coaching continues your journey with your authentic self. Focussing on the future, Life Coaching calls or sessions will get you excited about your plans; it's pacy and fun. Life Coaching can be by phone (30-45 minutes, £25-£35) or 1-to-1 (local rate £50). Where necessary, I integrate NLP, Psych-K(r) and my fitness industry knowledge.

    Have you ever wished you really believed something about yourself? Well, it's possible to convert a would-like-to-believe into I Do Believe that... (I'm losing weight/found a great partner/passed my test, etc); with the permission of your unconscious mind and your higher self, using a technique called Psych-K(r), you could have unshakeable trust and belief in a desired outcome, and so it will materialise. Maybe you've spent years of wondering why trying did not mean succeeding? Psych-K(r) is a slightly whacky technique, works fast and is yet another way to Get What You Want and Need. A mixture of psychology and kinesiology muscle-testing, it works very well indeed paired with the languages of NLP and Life Coaching, meaning that you will see, hear, define and feel what you want and allow it to happen in real life. Pain-free, natural, ever-lasting!

    The Way I Work differs from person to person. We all have unique ways of facing or avoiding life's challenges and problems, and I enjoy a wide variety of people and circumstances, working 1-to-1, classes and groups. But we all have our own unique truths, preferences, identity, dreams. Tell me yours!

    My clients are from all walks of life: executives, healers, stay-at-home and working mums, artistes and creative types, money-men, teenagers to 70-plus, fit or physically disabled, happy or depressed, extremely successful or people just trying hard to reach a goal. Some clients tell me they're fine yet want to better some aspect of their lives; some people have it all yet feel they're unhappy and missing something.

    I integrate all that I know, appropriately, for each client. For NLP/Psych-K(r), you will probably need to book 2 or more appointments of 60-90 minutes each, £60-70. If you only have time for 1 appointment, book 2 hours, £80. Life Coaching can be by phone (30-45 minutes, £30-£45) or 1-to-1 in person (local rate £55). Reiki treatments, £50-£60 (London SE24 or I may come to you locally). Personal Fitness and wellness, average £55-£60 in my locality. Reiki 1 Course £150 (including follow-up meetings).
    Discounts apply for pre-payments of 10 sessions, and block bookings - see to use Paypal, or just contact me to discuss what's on your mind.

    For more information, Paypal payments, or to see how The Mind Body and Soul Coach can help you or someone you know, contact Kathy today


NLP Practitioner Psych-K(r) Practitioner Life Coach Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master and Teacher Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer, Zumba dance fitness Instructor Drama Workshop Leader former Dancer former Actress

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