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Cardio Pulse Wave Screening

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Have you ever wondered how young your heart is? How stiff your arteries are? Now you can find out, by using a simple non-invasive watch like device you can have your reading done. It will give you an idea of where you are now and where you might be in 10 years time. We have access to FDA food supplements which can help with issues which may arise, including High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, poor circulation, hormonal imbalances, dementia type illnesses, erectile dysfunction to name a few.

Contact NameJo Tocher
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North London N87RE
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Welcome to Cardio Pulse Wave Screening

It's no secret that today's world threatens our health in many ways.

About Us

Environmental toxins, poor dietary habits, an abundance of cheap food, declining exercise rates and a hectic lifestyle all contribute to the rising rates of chronic disease.

Many people think one nutritional support product can cure all their ailments. But a one-product approach to health may limit our body's ability to perform to its maximum potential. The human body works best when all its systems function together optimally. In short, a whole-body approach to health is best.

A Rock Solid Company

Synergy, through their parent company, Nature's Sunshine, has an overwhelming advantage over their competition due to their incredible corporate strength.

ONE out of TWO people have some form of heart disease. Do you have heart disease? Are you SURE?

Find out if you are at risk through the Cardio Pulse Wave Analysis!

The Cardio Pulse Wave provides an accurate measurement of your cardiovascular health and tells you immediately if you are at risk!

What Is The Cardio Pulse Wave? When your heart beats, it radiates a pulse wave down the lining
of your arteries. The pulse wave travels to your fingers and toes then back. The frequency and
strength of this wave can help health practitioners determine the overall health of your cardiovascular

Cardio Pulse Wave screening shows you the elasticity or stiffness of your cardiovascular system and the strength of the heart. It is a simple non-invasive watch-like device that easily straps on your wrist and within a few minutes calculates your personal wave form profile. Your trained technician can analyse your results in minutes. This quick screening can give you some of the most important indicators of your cardiovascular health.

Accuracy and Efficacy

The Cardio Pulse Wave measurement device is state of the art and has been approved as a Class II Medical Device.

Screening Specialists

Synergy has several certified Screening Specialists that offer non-invasive screenings for those that would like to VISUALLY see the improvements and the benefits of the V3 products.


Hi Jo,

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the Cardio Screening we did last week. As a Personal Trainer, I can't emphasize enough the importance of having a healthy heart. Unfortunately, years of bad eating habits and lack of exercise mean that most people have a heart functioning too hard for their age, and clogged up arteries.

And some healthy/slim looking young people do suffer from heart attacks and strokes.

With your device it's just so easy to measure the performance of your heart, and it only takes a few minutes. Any supposedly healthy person would never otherwise get tested.

I definitely would urge anyone at any age to get tested, and take the needed measures to get back on track to your normal healthy heart and arteries age.

Be it by changing your diet, getting more active, and taking the required supplements.

Anne Iarchy, Personal Trainer & Weight Management Coach at AI Fitness


HealthStats qualified Technician

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