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Based in the centre of Norwich, San Jaspal offers focused and caring complementary therapy sessions.


Address34 Exchange Street
Norwich Nr2 1ax
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Welcome to the home of Sun Holistics…

"I went to San suffering from the side effects of a major operation which prevented me from lying down for a treatment. I was impressed how she adapted her excellent techniques to suit my condition. Indeed she always takes full account of my individual needs - a true holistic approach - highly recommended. Richard"

Complementary holistic therapies encompass the philosophy that the body should be viewed as a whole, an interconnected patchwork whereby change in one part will have a follow on effect to other parts. Taking into account various factors such as diet, medical history, lifestyle, psychosocial factors and more, therapies can be customised to tackle specific problems, or can be used as a means of meditation and relaxation.

Do you suffer from stress and related conditions, headaches, back ache, shoulder & neck tension, arthritis, poor circulation, hormonal imbalance or fertility problems? These are just a few conditions that may benefit from holistic complementary therapies. Please visit the ‘Therapies’ pages to find out which complementary therapy may benefit you.

Natural Holistic Facial

The Holistic Facial promotes profound relaxation and improved skin condition using massage rather than synthetic chemicals. The treatment focuses on the face but also includes a scalp, neck, shoulder and chest massage using techniques to work away tension and smooth the skin. A bespoke treatment plan will be designed for your individual needs, including essential aromatherapy oils and a face mask. The ingredients used are organic where possible, fairly traded and never tested on animals.

Indian Head Massage

This therapy involves massage of the head, neck, face, shoulders and back. These are areas of your body that tend to feel the most strain due to various factors such as incorrect posture and stress, therefore this treatment is wonderful for releasing stress and tension. Massage in India has always played an integral role in the daily lives of its people and head massage, with the application of oil, is a tradition that is passed down through families. The oil used is seen to be good not only for hair condition but also brain function.


The use of oils, resins and the burning of plant materials as incense have all been used for thousands of years for spiritual experiences and meditation. Aromatherapy massage uses essential oils applied to the skin, utilizing smell in a therapeutic manner. Our respiratory system picks up on the smell and carries the signal to our brains, where it can trigger emotions and memories. Up to 60% of what we apply to the skin is absorbed into the blood stream and therefore, as well as being useful for emotional issues, aromatherapy can also be used for physical problems. Following your consultation a blend of essential and carrier oils will be selected to best suit your needs.


Reflexology is a form of massage which is based on Dr William Fitzgerald’s ‘zone therapy’ and later developed into the Reflexology we practise today by Eunice Ingham, a physiotherapist. The ancient art of foot massage has been practised for thousands of years in Egypt, China and India. Reflexology works on specific points of the hands or feet, which correspond to areas of the body. Congestion and tension in the body are mirrored in the feet, so by working on the feet we can address these areas, clear any blockages and balance energy. Reflexology is effective at creating a deep sense of relaxation, reducing stress levels and related conditions, allowing the whole body to function more efficiently. It aids the self-healing processes, is non-invasive, and has a therapeutic effect on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.


The use of massage dates back as far as 5000 years and is mentioned in some of the earliest records. The word itself is derived from the Arabic word mas’h which means ‘to knead’. A Swedish physiologist, Henry Ling, observed massage in China and went on to develop the first system of massage that we today use in Western cultures. Massage can be used to treat the physical body and the mind. Over use of the muscles, incorrect use (such as poor posture) and immobility can all lead to a reduction in the elasticity and a shortening of the muscle fibres. Using a range of techniques, massage can improve mobility and increase flexibility. Using the fingers, palms, knuckles, arms and elbows the therapist can locate and treat areas of tension in the muscles and soft tissues. Your massage can be adapted to work on specific problem areas or for relaxation and stress relief.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is an extension of massage techniques, with heated stone being used to massage the body, and placed at strategic points where their concentrated heat will help towards relaxing the muscles. The benefits of hot stone massage include those of body massage, with the added benefit of the heat.


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