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Sue Carey Reflexology | Nutrition

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Clinical Reflexology ~ Nutrition ~ Practising since 2003 ~ UNIQUE LOCATION

Contact NameSue Carey: Reflexology | Nutrition
Address34A Newbridge Road

Belper DE56 2GR
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Qualified, Professional, Personal

International Institute of Reflexology trained I offer you a highly professional, clinical reflexology service, tailored to you the client. My clients have described treatments here in this tranquil setting as nurturing, comforting, calming and long-lasting.

Trained at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, I work with you to re-establish your resilience, vitality and wellness. I look for the root causes of imbalances that are impacting on the way you feel.

REFLEXOLOGY AND NUTRITION CONSULTATIONS CAN BE BOOKED SEPARATELY. Packages that use both approaches are also available. Please see my website for details

Thermo-auricular therapy is a soothing, safe treatment for the ear canal beneficially affecting pressures related to the inner ear to help headaches, migraine, balance problems, sinusitis and travel sickness

Used for certain individuals to supplement reflexology treatments this simple, safe micro-therapy is carried out on the hands, using tiny metal discs on specific points that correspond to body acupuncture points. Blinded RDC trials have proved the positive effect on nausea of all kinds, an example of just one of the many useful points available for treatment

Unique Location

Sue Carey | Reflexology | Nutrition - it's a successful practice in a unique location, set up in 2003.

A short distance from Derby, Matlock, Ashbourne, Bakewell and Buxton my dedicated practice room to ensure your privacy and comfort, is in my home near Belper, Derbyshire. It has a stunning view overlooking the Derwent Valley so you can experience a highly professional service in a unique location.

My Approach

REFLEXOLOGY gives you a chance to prevent stress conditions becoming disease conditions, by breaking the chronic stress cycle.

Many of my clients have experienced the benefits of my approach which works when reflexology provides the stimulus for recovery and the best food intake for your body type sustains it.

NUTRITIONAL THERAPY: taking a 'pill for your ill' is like putting a plaster over a dirty wound. By looking at the whole 'you', an integration of mind, emotions, body and spirit, there is a greater chance of overcoming disease imbalances and re-establishing wellness.

Nutritional therapy is the application of food as medicine, optimising diet, using supplements where necessary and bringing in lifestyle factors to enhance life quality and work-life balance.

Our genetic make-up means we all function differently, so certain foods can be medicine to one but poison to another. Functional medicine is an approach that supports your body's natural healing ability, tailored to you.

Current dietary advice can be confusing which heightens the need for sound professional advice.

It's Good to Try Reflexology with Diet & Nutrition Advice.

‘Up to 90% of modern diseases are said to be a direct result of prolonged stress. Stress coupled with poor eating habits, food devoid of nutrients, and a hectic pace of life with little time for relaxation are leaving most people listless, with nagging health conditions that cannot be relieved.’ (South African Reflexology Society).

How is Reflexology Different from Foot Massage?

Reflexology uses very specific finger and thumb pressure techniques on your hands, feet and lower legs which will soothe and relax you. The pressure on specific points may activate change in the corresponding part of the body, restoring a measure of health and well-being. These changes happen automatically and hence the name, reflex-ology. The reflexologist assesses your physical and emotional health by looking for and feeling different textures and conditions in your feet and hands and from your feedback about any sensitive areas. The condition of the feet may accurately reflect the condition of the body as tender points on the feet often correspond to problem areas in the body.

A foot massage, or foot rub is having general gliding strokes over your foot with oils or lotion.

Without properly employing the pressure points found on the feet and hands the soothing effect of massage may be limited to the session itself, whereas a reflexology session has demonstrated in many cases that it may have contributed to an immediate effect on a surprising variety of both chronic and acute health conditions. Sometimes this may be for lasting effect after 2-4 treatments, but most often around 6-8.

I’ve heard that Reflexology may help with fertility issues, is that true?

You may have read Jane Holt’s article in the Daily Mail Online on Feb 3rd 2010, reporting that of the 23 patients she treated for fertility issues,13 of them are now pregnant? As a result a Plymouth hospital has been persuaded to run trials. Watch that space!

The relaxing effects of reflexology cannot be underestimated. This calming, nurturing, therapeutic treatment balances your physiology, so far as we can outwardly tell. Internally, when this happens, it allows the production of cortisol to slow and stabilise so your body can use its limited supplies of cholesterol to produce sex hormones favourable to initiating and sustaining pregnancy.

Hopi Ear Candling TATh

It's a very soothing treatment incorporating a facial massage with either a hand or ear massage or ear reflexology or a combination of all three.

How can I book an appointment with you?

Call me on 01773 852766. Leave a message or text me on 07977 535686 (put title Reflexology or Nutrition or Hopi) and we can get started on a programme right away.

PRINT AND BRING THIS ADVERT along to your first session and you can receive 15% OFF when two treatments are booked and taken consecutively. See my website fees

…call me, I can help…


Brigite De Lima Dantas reviewed Sue Carey Reflexology — 5 star
July 19, 2017 · 

Sue has surpassed all my expectations since day one! I have been struggling with insomnia, migraines and sciatic pain since becoming pregnant and so the last 4 months have been a serious physical challenge for me especially as working full time on a very demanding job. Sue's reflexology session worked miracles on my well being - literally my sciatic pain disappeared after one session and its been now 7 days without that horrible pain that made my mornings and evenings so miserable. I was also able to sleep a full 8h sleep for the first time in 19 weeks of pregnancy- i could barely believe it! 
I can not recommend Sue enough - both for the results she obtains but also for her professionalism, knowledge and standard of care. Thank you Sue and see you soon for more amazing reflexology!

Lydia Rose Gilroy reviewed Sue Carey Reflexology — 5 star
August 11, 2016 · 

I started reflexology with Sue after a period of feeling unwell and by the time of my first appointment I was running on fumes; wasn't able to do a full day's work; wasn't in the best place mentally; and had given up many of my hobbies including exercise! The doctors were very little help so with an open mind I turned to something I had never tried before and I am so glad I did. 
Sue immediately makes you feel at ease and that you can open up to her which is a huge comfort when you're not feeling yourself. She is wonderfully understanding and undoubtedly cares about others.
Six very short weeks later and I cannot believe the drastic physical and mental change. I am brighter, more energised and starting to feel like my old self. Just over a week ago I went for my first run (gentle jog) since March and felt elated by it... However I didn't over do it like I would have done previously. In the short time I've been seeing Sue I've learnt to trust myself, take care of myself and listen to myself more than ever - for me, that means (as Sue described it) just easing the foot off the accelerator a little. The power of reflexology is quite something and I'm amazed what Sue has picked up in regards to problem areas in my body.
Sue has also, amidst everything else, given me some great nutritional advice which I have 100% taken onboard. I believe this has, alongside the reflexology, made a huge difference to my general wellbeing. 
It sounds unbelievably cheesy but I have to say, deciding to try reflexology (with Sue) is one of the best decisions I've made - and all my family and friends would probably agree!

Kenneth Page reviewed Sue Carey Reflexology — 5 star
March 13, 2017 · 

I have been seeing Sue for several years since being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Even though eventually I had to go with prescribed medication she has been such a help, with not only the RA but Tinnitus and then when my Mother died last year Reflexology helped me so much as I was deeply depressed and sad. She is always available via email and offers such good advice. I can only thank her for all she has done to help me. Bridget 

Jan Kenworthy reviewed Sue Carey Reflexology — 5 star

My life had been taken over by severe and debilitating migraines which occured every couple of weeks. After medical tests revealed nothing sinister, rather than 'stressing out' about an impending migraine attack and 'popping' too many pain killers, I decided to go down the complementary therapy route. Reflexology combined with sound nutritional advice has left me feeling cleansed, energised and clear headed; Sue's expertise and knowledge has enabled me to take back control of my life. Thanks Sue x

  • Member of British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT)
  • Member of the Association of Reflexologists (AoR)
  • International Institute of Reflexology (IIR,MAR)
  • Advanced Reflexology Trained (ART Reg'd)
  • Member of the Complementary Therapists Association (MCThA Embody)
  • Hopi Ear Candling (TATh)
  • ECHIM Certificate

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